Thursday, October 24, 2013

Welcome to Term 4 !

WOW ! We had a great first week back. We started our new concept called...

  'Impacting Our Community'

The aim of this concept is for us to build our knowledge about our community Stonefields so that then we can decide what we are most passionate about to do for our community.

Questions we've been discussing are:

What is our impact?
What does our community need?
How can we help or share something with our community?

To get us started we went out into the sunshine and walked up Maungarei so that we could get a view of Stonefields from above.

We drew maps.

We talked about what we could see.

"I can see the wetlands!" 

"All the houses look the same" 
"There isn't a lot of colour" 

"The school is the easiest thing to see"

 "We need more flowers"

 "We should make something 
with the rocks from the mountain"

Now we've begun to build our knowledge by making our own display of the old Stonefields quarry and researching about it. Watch this space...