Thursday, September 19, 2013

Maori String Games

This week in Te Reo we learned 3 different things that are part of Maori culture!

String Games

The myth and legend 'How Maui Stole Fire'

Raukau Sticks

Here is a video of some of us making a diamond shape with string.  We learned that the Maori people used to play string games to make their fingers stronger for flax weaving.  It's kind of like our motor magic!

Click on this link to watch us in action! Maori String Games

We found that when we were learning to make the diamond shape we had to use the learner quality 'think' to help us.  Here is a link to Emi explaining how this learner quality helped her.

Click on this link to hear what Emi has to say - Learner Quality - Think

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