Tuesday, May 28, 2013

BOOM! Did you hear that?

BOOM! The thunder roared through my body and then I knew I was awake! The hail bounced on the ground. It was small and white. The hail was ice. It was very cold outside.

Mrs Lawry's literacy groups.

Boom! In the house I heard a sound. It was thunder and it was so loud that the ground shook. The windows shook too. Just then something fell from the sky. It was hail so we got the umbrella to keep it off of us.

By Danny

In the thunderstorm there was a flashing blue light that means the thunder is going to begin. It touched me but it didn't badly hurt. It touched me again and it burned my finger and then I went back into my house. Then I went outside and it shook like an earthquake and a tornado. But there are no tornados in New Zealand. All of my trees died and the hail came down from the sky.

By Mason

I heard a noise. It was a lightening and thunder storm. I was running across the concrete under the storm. The diggers were safe. The diggers were making a hole.

By Arav

Check in soon to see more of our stories about thunder!


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  2. The writing looks amazing.