Thursday, December 05, 2013

In break through group 'Impacting the way our community looks' we have been busy!

In the last 2 weeks we had Alice from The Gym Bus come and teach us how to jump, land, roll and swing safely.  We wanted to build our knowledge of this so that we would be prepared when we went to Cornwall Park Primary's parkour course.

Here's some images of our learning:

 Here's Alice talking to us about parkour

This is us learning how to jump and land safely!

Then in week 7 we went to Cornwall Park Primary to practice what we've learned about parkour.  It was so much fun! We had some of the Cornwall Park year 5/6 learners show us how to use the course and then support us in learning some new moves too.

 Here we're also completing the reflection sheet we created about the parkour course.

We wrote down what we liked about the course, what moves we tried out, which learner qualities helped us and why

We also drew parts of the design we liked to help us with the sculptures we are about to start making.

Watch this space! Our next break through learning will be to make models of our own parkour sculptures which can be placed around our community to add some colour and activities.

Friday, November 29, 2013

In break through we are helping our community. We are collecting food for the Glen Innes food bank. We have collect 202 things for the food bank so far!  Thank you to everyone who has donated food so far. There is still more time so please keep giving. Thank you!
Hub 2  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Manaiakalani Film Festival!


Today was an exciting celebration of learning. The whole school went to the movies this morning!

Stonefields School is part of the Manaiakalani Trust, which is a cluster of schools working collaboratively to develop learners technological ability and broaden teacher's professional development.

Once a year the schools come together to showcase their learning through movie making.

It was so exciting to see what other children came up with and to celebrate their achievements.

Click on the link below to see Hub 2's movie, we hope you enjoy it!

Watch this space to see some photos of us in the theatre soon...

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Whare Pukapuka

Kia Ora

 We have been building our knowledge on Maori art and the koru design. We practiced many shapes and patterns before deciding on the one we would colour. We needed to choose two pastel colours. They look fantastic! Then we made a Whare for our library room.  On the wall we have numbers, colours and greetings in te reo Maori.  Come on in and have a go at saying Kia ora! You can also read from our selection of books (pukapuka) in Maori and English.

Ka Kite (See you soon)
Hub 2

Break Through Term 4

One of our break through groups this term has become passionate about helping people in the community. The idea of people arriving from other countries, not knowing the language,without any friends or even belongings came up. The word refugee was introduced and a lively discussion followed. We had many questions about what refugees were, so we have now decided to build our knowledge about refugees further so we can apply our understanding by giving back to the community  in a powerful way.

Below is a video of Dhevan, one of our learners describing what he has learned so far.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Welcome to Term 4 !

WOW ! We had a great first week back. We started our new concept called...

  'Impacting Our Community'

The aim of this concept is for us to build our knowledge about our community Stonefields so that then we can decide what we are most passionate about to do for our community.

Questions we've been discussing are:

What is our impact?
What does our community need?
How can we help or share something with our community?

To get us started we went out into the sunshine and walked up Maungarei so that we could get a view of Stonefields from above.

We drew maps.

We talked about what we could see.

"I can see the wetlands!" 

"All the houses look the same" 
"There isn't a lot of colour" 

"The school is the easiest thing to see"

 "We need more flowers"

 "We should make something 
with the rocks from the mountain"

Now we've begun to build our knowledge by making our own display of the old Stonefields quarry and researching about it. Watch this space...

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The cooking break through group share their delicious soup recipe

The cooking group have spent a lot of time researching different types of soups this term.  Once they had decided on 5 options they then created a survey to see which would be the most popular to sell on Friday at lunchtime - Chicken soup was the winner!

Click on the link below to watch a video of how they made the soup so you can try it at home

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Maori String Games

This week in Te Reo we learned 3 different things that are part of Maori culture!

String Games

The myth and legend 'How Maui Stole Fire'

Raukau Sticks

Here is a video of some of us making a diamond shape with string.  We learned that the Maori people used to play string games to make their fingers stronger for flax weaving.  It's kind of like our motor magic!

Click on this link to watch us in action! Maori String Games

We found that when we were learning to make the diamond shape we had to use the learner quality 'think' to help us.  Here is a link to Emi explaining how this learner quality helped her.

Click on this link to hear what Emi has to say - Learner Quality - Think

Friday, September 13, 2013

Comparing Cultures

This week in Hub 2 we began to describe our cultures to others.  Then with a buddy we used a venn diagram to compare the similarities and differences between our cultures.

Below are some examples of our learning!

Click on the link below to watch a video we showed at assembly describing some of our cultures too!

Friday, September 06, 2013

Break Through Term 3!

We spent the first few weeks of this term building our knowledge around our break through projects. This was done by bringing what we know and discussing these ideas with our group members, experimenting and exploring with materials related to our topics, and researching details online (e.g. using youtube clips).

Here is the Science Group exploring the patterns that can be made when food colouring is added to Gloop.  It took 2 weeks of experimenting to get the mixture just right! "We kept starting with too much water so we decided to add water slowly to the cornflour and it worked."

Recently we have taken this knowledge and begun making meaning of it by comparing and contrasting the experiments we have done, taken time to think about the results and then reflect on the group's next learning steps, and tried to connect our ideas together.

Here is the Art Group collaborating by connecting their design ideas together to make a single artwork which will be projected onto the whiteboard so that the learners can draw a larger version of it on canvas.  Watch this space to see the final product!

Some groups are already taking action to apply their understanding by using their new knowledge to create and design a final product.

Here is the Model Making Group drawing the blueprints for the airplane they are planning to build. The plan is for the learners to be able to sit inside it!

Here is the Wood Work Group painting, sanding, and oiling their toad stools and wooden spoons. Watch out for these which will be for sale at the upcoming school fair next term!

Watch this space to see what great break through learning has been happening with some of our other groups!!



We have been  building our knowledge about balloons. The different types and what they can be used for.  We have been experimenting with blowing them up and making shapes. 


 Using the pump was I challenge but I finally figured it out!!  This is fun!





We have been learning  about magic. What is real and what is an illusion? We had a guest show us a few tricks. She was able to guess what card we picked out.  AMAZING!!

                                                        We put on a show at feed and read.

I am performing a Trick. This takes a lot of practice.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013


Two of the balloons 
were swirly and one of 
them popped! 

By Alex

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


We are building our knowledge about hydropower; what is it is and why is is good for our environment. Do you know that hydropower is created when water that is collected in a dam passes through penstocks and into turbines? We are excited to explore more and find more about how hydropower is a sustainable resource.

Check out what happens when we pour water over this wheel! This is similar to what happens with the turbines. That wheel turns VERY fast!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

BOOM! Did you hear that?

BOOM! The thunder roared through my body and then I knew I was awake! The hail bounced on the ground. It was small and white. The hail was ice. It was very cold outside.

Mrs Lawry's literacy groups.

Boom! In the house I heard a sound. It was thunder and it was so loud that the ground shook. The windows shook too. Just then something fell from the sky. It was hail so we got the umbrella to keep it off of us.

By Danny

In the thunderstorm there was a flashing blue light that means the thunder is going to begin. It touched me but it didn't badly hurt. It touched me again and it burned my finger and then I went back into my house. Then I went outside and it shook like an earthquake and a tornado. But there are no tornados in New Zealand. All of my trees died and the hail came down from the sky.

By Mason

I heard a noise. It was a lightening and thunder storm. I was running across the concrete under the storm. The diggers were safe. The diggers were making a hole.

By Arav

Check in soon to see more of our stories about thunder!

Friday, March 29, 2013

A trip to the movies

WALHT write to share our experiences

On the weekend I went to the movies with my Mum and Dad. I saw The Hobbit. It was scary and funny! I had popcorn and lemonade. My favourite bit was the part when Gandolf bit the goblins.

By Lachlan

Thursday, February 28, 2013


WALHT sort and organise data

Building towers

WALHT write to share our experiences

At school, after tennis, we worked very hard on building a tower. It was made of blocks but it kept falling down.

By Mason

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


WALHT write to share our experiences

The Worm Farm

One Tuesday morning the Rhyolite group when to the worm farm to discover what a segment meanings. Miss Rucker put her hands in the worm farm. It was yucky and also smelly beacuse there was a lot of rotten food like apples, oranges and pears. There was a whole bunch of worms the Miss Rucker found. They were all tangled up. There were so many that you couldn’t even count them! We also touched them. They felt tickly on our hands.

By Amber

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Second Tennis session

WALHT practice and develop our movement skills

Hub Two went to play tennis on the courts. We got into groups and one person threw the ball and the other person hit the ball with the bat. We learned how to bounce the ball with the racquet. We learned how to move the ball around and around and around the racquet. It was hard but I did it.

By Aixa

What is underneath that paper?

WALHT write to share our experiences

Today we were getting ready for our lesson when we saw a present wrapped up in paper! We wondered what might be inside it..... let's see what Mujtaba and Desire have to say about the experience!

We saw a present that was wrapped up  and we had to guess what was inside it. We shook it and we felt it. We told Mrs Elliott what we thought was in it. We had to be determined to guess what it was and we had to wonder and imagine. All of the people in the group wrote down their ideas.

By Mujtaba

I had to feel the parcel. It was hard and bumpy because it was a lollypop.

By Desire

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Oliver is stretching himself

This is Oliver. Today he decided to stretch himself by writing down as many numbers as he could think of starting with the numbers between 1 and 20. He also wrote all the letters of the alphabet that he knew to help him remember to use them when he is writing. 

Well done Oliver! We are pleased to see you stretching yourself!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tennis lessons

WALHT practice and develop our movement skills

This morning we went to tennis. All of Hub 2 went. We did ball skills. We had to balance the ball on the racquet. Someone threw the ball and the other person hit it back.

By Isabella

We went out to play tennis. We learned new things and it was good fun. I enjoyed it. My partner was Danny. We did hard things. We had to throw the ball and hit the ball.

By Sukhpreet