Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Poetry - Tuff

Tuff have been learning how to write different poems. We have written some cinquain, haiku and acrostic poems. 

Coldplay has EPIC!! songs
Oh they are AWESOME!!
Loved their concert
Did all of their best songs
Para para paradise...everytime she closed her eyes
Like that there is a CD of the concert
And fix you (the song) is one of my favourites

By Jaxon 

Church bells ringing
Holly hung
Red and green are the colours of the season
Imagination going wild
Sacks being filled with presents
Trees with decorations
Magic going round
Santa claws is coming!

By Mia

Lollies are Yum!
One Lolly is very healthy
Lollies are not always healthy
Lollies are sweet
I Love Lollies!
Eat them they are YUM
Sugar, sugar, sugar

By Lucas 

Christmas is coming
Christmas will be very fun
There will be santa 

By Kush 

My friends are funny
Yes they are fun to play with

Friends are special
Really nice
I enjoy being with my friends
Eating together is fun for us
Nutella is our favourite thing to eat
Doctors are what we want to be
Smiling friends are the best!

By Roquia 


Gust of wind blows all
The leaves go everywhere
Puddles of leaves fall

By Sebaan

Chocolate is yummy
Hungry for chocolate
Oh yummy chocolate
Crumbling in my mouth
Oh I love chocolate
Lots of different flavours
At the chocolate factory it smells delicious
Eggs and chocolate are two ingredients in a chocolate cake

By Luca

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