Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why people buy and sell art.

What is art? Art is something you can: sculpt, sketch, draw, paint, spray paint, collage and so much more. 

People sell art because they may want money or some people do it for fun. Whatever the reason most people sell art to raise money for something. 

Some people buy art to decorate their homes because their homes are bare and dull, so they buy something worth value. A lot of people buy art because they want something new. 

That is why people buy and sell art. 

 By Sebaan


  1. Wow Sebaan I really like your writing about what is art and why do people sell art. Also my favorite one was the one that you said that people can raise money.

    Well done!

  2. I like how you explain why people sell Art . I believe that if somebody sell Art , they would make a lot of money. And I think bidding is better than selling Art with price , because when one person want to buy a picture of a sign They would say how much they would want to buy , and then another person would say a higher amount of money.

  3. WOW! Sebaan I really like how you have been explaining why people sell art and how they would be able to be doing it.You did a Fantastic job at doing all of these reason's of why people sell it like they do it because they would want to make some money and that would be really cool because people could see that you are really great at painting and you could become an artist if you would want to be one. The thing that you could do next time is that you could write how you would be able to make a painting for anybody.

  4. to Sebaan a very nice piece of work I loved how you told us why people buy art you did a lovle job once again good work from freddie