Friday, September 28, 2012

Why do we have pets?

We have pets because for different reasons. If people that have enough money to buy and look after a pet they can buy one. If you rent the house you live in, you have to have permission from the owner to have the pets. People also have pets because they keep you company. You can take them anywhere  for a walk, like to the park. Or you can take them anywhere you want that you are allowed. Pets are also friendly because they play with you,  like dogs. Dogs are really friendly but if you annoy them they might bite you. Some people have pets becuase they can help them if they are blind. They will help you walk if you can't see. If the house is in danger and you are at home a dog might bark and that is a signal for someone to hear that you are in danger. 
That is why we have pets!
 By Juliana

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