Thursday, September 27, 2012


If you want to read how and artist makes a mosaic pot these are the things an artist needs to make a mosaic pot: 1.pot 2.tiles 3.gloves 4.glue 5.wet sponge. After the artist glues and sticks all that toghether it will look....AMAZING!!!

First the artist draws on a piece of paper what he or she wants to draw on the artist's pot. Secondly the artist sticks the tiles on the the pot with PVA glue to stick the tiles on. When all the tiles are stuck on the pot the pot will look...AMAZING!!!!

After all the tiles are stuck on, the artist grouts the pot with grout. Then the artist gets a wet sponge and scrubs the pot. After all that scrubing the artist has.....FINISHED!!!!!!

That is how an artist makes a mosaic pot.

By Francis

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  1. I like how you tell as about what we need and what we have to do.