Friday, September 28, 2012

Our Art Auction Song!

Our breakthrough learning has been writing our own lyrics for a song about our art auction. We then recorded ourselves and chose some instruments to go with our song using GarageBand. 

The Art Auction is amazing 
There are pictures in the hall 
We can be artists 
By using lots of things 

We love doing art 
Because it is so much fun
We learned to create masterpieces 
To share with everyone!

We read some stories about New Zealand 
They had animals and trees 
We used these in our art
To share our thoughts with you

We love doing art 
Because it is so much fun
We learned to create masterpieces 
To share with everyone!

We used clay and wire
We used tiles for mosaics 
Crayons, glue and paint 
To make art for everyone

We love doing art 
Because it is so much fun
We learned to create masterpieces 
To share with


By Carmel and Helen 

How to play table tennis!

As part of our breakthrough learning we have learned how to play table tennis. We also created a poster and this keynote so that we can share our learning with others. 

By Jaxon, Ashton and Keanu

How to play Marble Maze!

The aim of the game is to get to paradise but remember it's a race with the other player. 

1. Start at your base which is on each side of the board.  
How do you make your marble move? It is easy! all you have to do is use your fingers. 

2. Try and doge the dead ends.

3. If you get in a dead end, you have to try and get out of it. 

4. The person who reaches paradise first is the winner!

That is how to play marble maze. We hope you get to paradise.

By Eloise, Jensen and Josiah. 

Why do we have pets?

We have pets because for different reasons. If people that have enough money to buy and look after a pet they can buy one. If you rent the house you live in, you have to have permission from the owner to have the pets. People also have pets because they keep you company. You can take them anywhere  for a walk, like to the park. Or you can take them anywhere you want that you are allowed. Pets are also friendly because they play with you,  like dogs. Dogs are really friendly but if you annoy them they might bite you. Some people have pets becuase they can help them if they are blind. They will help you walk if you can't see. If the house is in danger and you are at home a dog might bark and that is a signal for someone to hear that you are in danger. 
That is why we have pets!
 By Juliana

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why people buy and sell art.

What is art? Art is something you can: sculpt, sketch, draw, paint, spray paint, collage and so much more. 

People sell art because they may want money or some people do it for fun. Whatever the reason most people sell art to raise money for something. 

Some people buy art to decorate their homes because their homes are bare and dull, so they buy something worth value. A lot of people buy art because they want something new. 

That is why people buy and sell art. 

 By Sebaan

Why are there different types of art?

Art is something different to everyone because for some people it can describe feelings and for others it can be something that makes your house look good and to make you feel happy. 

There are different types of art because some people want to explain feelings and others want to feel happy. If all art was the same then the art people decorate their houses with would all look the same. 

Artists also make different art because everyone wants different types of art like arts and crafts and other things. If people want a canvas with painting and lots of decorations like paper and pop up butterflies, then they won't get what they want to decorate their house if all art was the same. 

 Humans also create different art because everyone wants different types of art because everyone thinks different and everyone likes different things. 

That is why there are different types of art. 

 By Roquia


If you want to read how and artist makes a mosaic pot these are the things an artist needs to make a mosaic pot: 1.pot 2.tiles 3.gloves 4.glue 5.wet sponge. After the artist glues and sticks all that toghether it will look....AMAZING!!!

First the artist draws on a piece of paper what he or she wants to draw on the artist's pot. Secondly the artist sticks the tiles on the the pot with PVA glue to stick the tiles on. When all the tiles are stuck on the pot the pot will look...AMAZING!!!!

After all the tiles are stuck on, the artist grouts the pot with grout. Then the artist gets a wet sponge and scrubs the pot. After all that scrubing the artist has.....FINISHED!!!!!!

That is how an artist makes a mosaic pot.

By Francis

How does an artist create a mosaic pot?

Mosaic art is sticking tiles on different materials with PVA glue. Once you have it how you want it to look you grout it.Then the fun starts you have to get a cloth and wet it with water then rinse the tiles to rinse the grout off them. Then put it in a nice warm/dry, sunny and hot place to dry it. Then if you want to add details, put a plant and some soil in it. That's how to make a mosaic pot.
By Josiah

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why do People Create Art?

Why do people create Art?

Art is where people create things to put places. You can find are in many diffrent places. Art makes people happy because art is a happy thing. People buy art to be happy. Art makes you happy when you create it because it is fun and relaxing. It is stretching so you feel proud. Artists also create art to make money. If you spend all of your money on a canvas you make a creative picture and get more money. Artists make money in different ways, like art auctions. People also use art to decorate thier houses to make it look amazing. Then they will have nice things to look at. That is why people create art.

By Daniel.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Why do we go to school?

Why we go to school

Going to school makes you learn. Children go to school five days a week. School is a place where children learn things and have lots of fun. Children go to school to learn new things that they dont know. Every day you learn something different that stretches you. It is very fun at school. Sometimes you learn something interesting because you learn from other people. You can also make new friends at school. You can learn to get along with other people. It is also very fun going to school. You can do a lot of fun things at school. Learning can sometimes also be very fun. It is fun because at morning tea and lunch you get to play in the playground. That is why we go to school.

By Marissa.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Why do people create art?

Why do people create art?

Art is something the people draw and create. Somtimes, Artists may think that the walls on their house look a bit boring, so they create the art to make the walls on their house look more exiting.An artist might like to use their own art to decorate their house insted of buying someone else's house. Also, people make art for money. When they buy a canvas, and they don't have any money left,they use the money they get from the person why buys the art to pay for new art supplies. They also use the money for food and other things. if they get lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of money they might be ablted to buy a house. Everyone can do art! Sometimes, art can be really ugly!!! Art can look really pretty!!! that's why people create art.

By Maya

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why do people build houses?

A house is were somewhere we live. Houses are made of wood, metal, bricks, nails, screws and concrete. 
We need houses to keep safe from storms and rain. Also we need to keep safe from wild animals. Houses are safe for people because they have a high base. 
We also need houses to live in .Also people enjoy living in a house. Living in houses can be hard because you have to clean up alot.
Another reason we have houses is that builders need jobs and money.The way they do that is by building houses. Sometimes it's challenging to build certain houses like concrete bases and wood bases. Builders have hard times sometimes but they have an important job.
That is why people build houses. 

By Elijah

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Why people craete art?

Why people create art? Art is something that people like to do.You can use paint,