Thursday, August 09, 2012

Why are New Zealanders good at rowing?

New zealand is a small country surrounded by water. This means we have lots of chances to use it. New Zealanders are good at rowing because they start practicing at a young age. Also they join teams at college so they can practice even more. They start young so they feel comfortable on water when they grow up.  Sometimes they practice on waves and waves make them go faster. New Zealanders  are also good at rowing because there are lots of beaches and beaches have lots of water so that they can get better at being in water and also have some fun. Some New Zealanders have their own boats and that means that they can practice at home if there is a river or lake nearby. That is why New Zealanders are good at rowing.

This is Natasha's first explanation. How do you think she went? Does she have an introduction, explanation sequence and conclusion? Let her know in the comments!


  1. Wow, you've really shown what NewZealanders are made of. Really good describing Stonefield school.

    by Marley, from grey lynn school, room 16

  2. WOW Natasha,
    These are great information that you have put on you writing abot New Zealand.You did well at using all of your ideas not just describing one fact. You have an introduction an exolanation sequence and also a conclusion.What do you think you woul need to improve on for your writing I wonder.