Thursday, August 09, 2012

What is the olympics

The olympics is like sports and they could be like rowing, weight lifting, tennis, cross country and more games and the olympics there are many people in different country. Some people cheers cf for their own country and some people cheer for different countries. When the people on the olympics their own families. When they win they give their own flowers to them or throw at them. The olympics is for strong people and which people and the people that plays the olympics they are adults.
Day 9: highlights from the men's Singles Tennis final at Wimbledon


  1. WOW! Paul I really like how you wrote all this really cool information about the Olympus. I would really like to find why they do the Olympics? But amazing stuff you wrote about the Olympics!

  2. Hi Paul,

    We really liked your post about the Olympics. We have been learning about the Olympics too. What was your favourite part of the Olympics?

    From 2K @ Cambridge Primary School

  3. Hi Paul!
    You have got some really good info. I agree with you that some country cheer for there own. I think that maybe if you want to you can add some more info. Did you find this info or did you already know?

    1. hi Paul,
      great writing i liked how you write some of the sports of the Olympic games. i think you should tell us why they throw flowers but besides that it was awesome.

  4. WOW Paul,
    This is a lot of information that you have found out about the olympics.You did a great job including other sports.You could improve on your spelling because there were some mistakes when I was reading your fantastic writing.

  5. Hi Paul,

    You got some good information because you told us some of the sports in the Olympics.You could improve on making it make sense.But besides that it was good writing.I like it how you said some countries have there on cheer because i never knew that.

  6. WOW Paul!!! excellent writing about the olympics. I liked the part where you told me about the different sports. You could improve on editing it a little bit because it didn't make much scene but besides that it's awesome!!