Friday, August 03, 2012


The Penguin Breakthrough group has been researching different species of penguins. Here are our reports about the different species of penguins that we researched. Little Penguins Little penguin is the name of a species of a penguin. They lay 567 eggs in a week. They live in New Zealand and Australia. They mostly eat fish. They live in warm places. By Sophie
Adelie Penguins Adelie penguins live in Antarctica. They also lay thousands of eggs. They eat herbivours, zoo plankton, krill and many kinds of fish. They look like a normal penguins, white with a black tummy. They are very cute. By Marissa
Royal Penguins Royal penguins waddle on ice. They eat fish and krill. They can fly underwater. It is amazing! They are black and white and on top they have a little bit of yellow. They look cool, cute and gorgeous. Royal penguins have yellow feet. And they have a little bit of orange on their feet. Royal penguins have flat feet and they look really small. They have lot's of feathers on their body and their head. They live in New Zealand, Australia, Antartica and the North Pole. Royal penguins are also scared of seals. By Vera
King Penguins A king penguin can waddle on ice. There is 4.5 million King penguins. A king penguin is also a type of bird.They are black and white. They have flat feet. King penguins have orange feet. They are big like a big penguin. They live in New Zealand and Australia they are really cute.They live on ice in Africa. By Aashna


  1. great job on all of the researching you's did i learnt lots of thing about penguins. 1 thing that i learnt was that they lay 567 in a week thats a lot

    1. sorry i ment they lay 567 eggs in a week

  2. Wow Daniella that is amzaing how penguins lay 567 eggs in a week

  3. i no right if you look and read penguins it tals you lots of things you might not no and you will lean lots more about penguins juliy

  4. Hi,Penguins group these facts that you have put up about your penguins.Was this hard to find out these facts or did you just know that. What is your next step is I wonder.

  5. WOW penguin group!
    that is some cool info i liked how it the last paragraph how there are 4.5 million king penguins. I think that you could improve on maybe making some of the paragraphs longer.

  6. Great work penguin group!
    I like your info about penguins. I like how you said that little penguins lay 567 eggs a week! Maybe you could add on one more species of penguins.