Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Holiday Movie

In the holidays I went to movies with my caregiver and my sister Diya. We went to the movies to watch Ice Age 4. It was really funny when Sid (the sloth)  drank salt water. Sid ate a bee hive. Sid’s granny didn’t have any teeth so Sid gave his granny shark teeth. At the end of the movie Sid’s granny said we are ham and cheese. My favourite part in Ice Age 4 was when the pirates were fighting Manny (the mammoth). Going to the movies was the highlight of my holiday.


  1. that sounds like a really existing movie you must of had a lot of fun

  2. That sounds like that you had a amazing holiday and maybe you had a cool movie.

    1. hi Rohan, I hope you had a lot of fun and i watch the movie to!!!

  3. Hey Rohan!
    i liked how you said what happens at the end of the movie. you could just make sure that there are some words that you could join

  4. That was a amazing movie that you had watch in your Holidays , I watch that movie too but I didn't remember some of the parts and I didn't watch a lot of it

  5. hi how are you like your story from carmel