Friday, July 13, 2012


WALHT: write to describe

Pebbles has read and white shoes. They are red like a rose. She is cute, small and pretty. The school she goes to is Stonefields School. She loves to collaborate. Her favourite colour is green. Her hair is black like the night sky. She is important because she helps us to learn how to collaborate. She has a bright skin colour. Pebbles is a girl.

By Vera


  1. hi Vera i like your pic about pebbles and it looks like you have been working on your drawing and i like how you were drawing it and you are so good at it {did you get help or do it on your own?

  2. Vera that was a rely good describe

  3. Hi Vera , I really like your picture and I also liked your description, I mostly liked it when there was a simile{They are red like a rose} that was a great simile and your picture looks fantastic and I also think that you have tried really hard to draw it.

    From Roquia

  4. Vera that drawing is so cool and its a awsome work