Thursday, June 28, 2012

Scoria has been learning how to use the correct structure for the writing purpose. We have been writing instructions.

How to make Ice Cream

Purpose:  When it is a hot sunny day and you are hot you can make an ice cream for yourself, your family or for a friend.

1. Go to the fridge and open the door of the freezer.

2. Get out the ice cream.

3. Go to your draw.

4. Open the draw.

5. Get out a spoon.

6. Go to your cupboard and get out an ice cream cone.

7. Open the lid that was on the ice cream container.

8. Pick up your spoon and ice cream cone.

9.  Get a spoon full of ice cream and put it on your cone.

10. Get another spoon full of ice cream and put it on top of the first scoop.

You can even follow these instructions again to make one for a friend if they want an ice cream too. Now you can enjoy a relaxing time with your family and friends, while eating this delicious ice cream.

By Roquia


  1. WOW!that was grate instructions of how to make ice cream nice work roquia

  2. Hey Roquia, You did a great job.I could tell that you have worked really hard on this work.What do you think your next step is? Also what do you think you would want to do next time.

    Anthia Stonefields