Wednesday, June 20, 2012


                                  Philippines Bread
The  bread group made bread. It is called Pan de Sal. It was sweet, crunchy and soft. Our question was... what will happen if we put 2 .cups of breadcrumbs instead of 1 cup. When we put 2 cups it became crunchy. Our experience was fun. All of the Philippine group liked eating because we liked the bread.Are opines was...  Paul and I (Rohan) liked the one with  breadcrumbs. Roohi and Lucas liked the one with 1 cup of breadcrumbs.. I liked the one with more breadcrumbs because it was sweet. I liked making bread because it was fun and I also had to use the learner quality. I also needed to be determined. I love making bread.


  1. Wow Rohan, That is a really good description about Philippine Bread. I like the way you said it was sweet and I also like your quistion

  2. I think that the one with 2 cups or breadcrumbs tastes better even though i didn't taste Pan de Sal bread because i like sweet stuff and i like crunchy stuff.I just want to taste the one with 2 cups of breadcrumbs and the one with 1 cups of breadcrumbs.I think it would be really fun making the bread.

  3. hi Philippine bread group.I thought that two cups of crumbs would make over flow but i was wrong