Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In 100 years time


In 100 years time I will be 107 years old and it will be 2112.I live in space  because all the houses in earth are broken.I lived so long because I made robots.The robots I made were a butler and a dog.I was strong and brave so I could walk in space.I am still young and I go to high school musical.I love ice skating.It's`fun and exercising.Most of all I love space ice skating .My skin is gray as a pencil and my hair is longer than Rapunzel's.My hair is purple than bright purple.I have make up.In 2112 It looks really dark and there is only stars.I live in jupiter because I love ice.My grandma and grandpa live in mars and my mum and dad live in Plato.My cousins live with me.I have a lot of friends.My family moved away from me because they don't like ice and they only like hot places.Sometimes they visit the sun.My bed is made out of cristils and gemme.There are no volcanos and earthquakes because I live in space.

by kiyara

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  1. Kiyara i like it how you said the things that you like and like pretended it was space.I like it how you said lots of similes and i like it how you said that your bed was made out of crystals and ice.I love crystals and ice.