Thursday, June 07, 2012

Chemical Change: Making Bread

Yesterday LH2 split into twelve groups to bake bread from the country they had chosen.. There were many different types of bread - sweetcorn bred from South Africa, Rewana bread from New Zealand, Coconut bread from Samoa and many more! We were lucky to have some parents who volunteered to come in and help us as we baked 24 loaves - two for each group. The group baked one control loaf and one where they changed one variable - some doubled the chocolate, some added pepper and some took out ingredients! Take a look at the clip to see more.

LH2 Bread Day from Stonefields School on Vimeo.


  1. I like how you made all of the groups go on this movie and I throught that all of the bread was tastey and my mum liked the bread.

  2. My goodness LH2 you certainly have been very busy. I bake a lot of bread I will have to try some of your breads. How long did it take you to make your bread.


  3. All of that bread looks delicious.I just think that that chocolate bread is delicious.I just wish i could taste all that bread.