Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pebbles is a girl

Pebbles has red shoes like a rose. She has black hair like the black stripes on the back of a zebra. Her t-shirt is white like a cloud. Pebbles eyes are brown like a bear and her skin is pink like a pig. If you are six, she will be a little bit shorter than you.

By Luca

Friday, June 29, 2012


Pebbles shoes are red like lava . Her eyes shine like diamonds and gold. Pebbles favorite colour is green because it is the same as her collaborating picture on her t-shirt.  She has black hair that looks like a big dark hole. Her skin looks as pretty as a peach. She helps people to collaborate and that means that she likes to share too.

By Georgia

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Scoria has been learning how to use the correct structure for the writing purpose. We have been writing instructions.

How to make Ice Cream

Purpose:  When it is a hot sunny day and you are hot you can make an ice cream for yourself, your family or for a friend.

1. Go to the fridge and open the door of the freezer.

2. Get out the ice cream.

3. Go to your draw.

4. Open the draw.

5. Get out a spoon.

6. Go to your cupboard and get out an ice cream cone.

7. Open the lid that was on the ice cream container.

8. Pick up your spoon and ice cream cone.

9.  Get a spoon full of ice cream and put it on your cone.

10. Get another spoon full of ice cream and put it on top of the first scoop.

You can even follow these instructions again to make one for a friend if they want an ice cream too. Now you can enjoy a relaxing time with your family and friends, while eating this delicious ice cream.

By Roquia


Dylan is a boy and he is my cousin.He is six years old and he is six years old and he is turning seven this september. his birthday is on the seventeenth of september. His eyes are the colour of a dark hat. His favorit food is cake. His contrie is New Zealand. He likes school a lot. He goes to stonefields school.

 by kiyara


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

South Africa Bread Group

The South Africa bread group has made a keynote to share their learning about the breads they made and the scientific method.

By Francis, Mia, Amy and Tyran.
Learning Hub 2

My China Cabinet

My china cabinet is brown. It is shaped like a dome.
It has lots of old cups and plates in it.
The china belonged to my Great Nana Nita.
It is very special to my family. 

By Maya

In 100 years time


In 100 years time I will be 107 years old and it will be 2112.I live in space  because all the houses in earth are broken.I lived so long because I made robots.The robots I made were a butler and a dog.I was strong and brave so I could walk in space.I am still young and I go to high school musical.I love ice skating.It's`fun and exercising.Most of all I love space ice skating .My skin is gray as a pencil and my hair is longer than Rapunzel's.My hair is purple than bright purple.I have make up.In 2112 It looks really dark and there is only stars.I live in jupiter because I love ice.My grandma and grandpa live in mars and my mum and dad live in Plato.My cousins live with me.I have a lot of friends.My family moved away from me because they don't like ice and they only like hot places.Sometimes they visit the sun.My bed is made out of cristils and gemme.There are no volcanos and earthquakes because I live in space.

by kiyara

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

                                                In a 100 Years Time
In a 100 years time I think it will a great place. If you wanted something it will be at your door. You can turn invsable. Make portals you have force fields around your house. You can have magic powers and turn people on fire or turn them into ice. You can also pick up rocks that are large.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Music with Hub 2!

We have been learning about different instruments in Music and shared our learning with the rest of the hub on Friday. Have a look at some of our photos from our performances last week!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


                                  Philippines Bread
The  bread group made bread. It is called Pan de Sal. It was sweet, crunchy and soft. Our question was... what will happen if we put 2 .cups of breadcrumbs instead of 1 cup. When we put 2 cups it became crunchy. Our experience was fun. All of the Philippine group liked eating because we liked the bread.Are opines was...  Paul and I (Rohan) liked the one with  breadcrumbs. Roohi and Lucas liked the one with 1 cup of breadcrumbs.. I liked the one with more breadcrumbs because it was sweet. I liked making bread because it was fun and I also had to use the learner quality. I also needed to be determined. I love making bread.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Chemical Change: Making Bread

Yesterday LH2 split into twelve groups to bake bread from the country they had chosen.. There were many different types of bread - sweetcorn bred from South Africa, Rewana bread from New Zealand, Coconut bread from Samoa and many more! We were lucky to have some parents who volunteered to come in and help us as we baked 24 loaves - two for each group. The group baked one control loaf and one where they changed one variable - some doubled the chocolate, some added pepper and some took out ingredients! Take a look at the clip to see more.

LH2 Bread Day from Stonefields School on Vimeo.