Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Scoria have been learning how to write descriptions about people, places and things. Here is some of our learning so far. 


Amy has blue eyes as blue as the sky. Amy's hair is a browny blonde colour. She wears dark blue glasses which are as blue as the deep ocean.

Amy is an eight year old girl. Amy is a year four at her school. Amy goes to Stonefields School and likes to play netball.

Amy's skin is as soft as silk. Amy's favourite colour is blue. Amy is wearing a blue top, white socks, black shoes and a black skort. Amy loves swimming, jazz dancing, netball, playing with friends and candy.

By Dasha


  1. HI DASHA I LIKE YOUR Description and what did Amy
    like. you can improve on about her.

  2. i like the way you are discrived how you look amy lookes dasha

  3. wow that was a good description of amy