Monday, May 28, 2012

Rhyolite has started learning how to write descriptions. Last week we wrote descriptions about one of our favourite places. Here is Eloise's description about McDonald's.


McDonald's is a place where you can get breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make sure you look out for the golden arches. 

McDonald's has lots of people going to it because there is delicious food. For example you can buy nice burgers, soft chips, nice wraps and delicious drinks. The furniture is soft like the wool of a sheep and the playground is fun like a jungle. 

McDonald's is the best place to go to eat because it has the best food in the world. 

By Eloise 


  1. Eloise
    I liked your description about MacDonalds. What I like about it is that the foods the same where-ever you are, there are some slight differences but no matter what town that you are in if you go to MacDonalds you get the same food, and that can be nice sometimes.
    Mr Webb and Room 5, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

  2. ti does taste awesome but it is really not healthy. it has got a lot of fat in it but as i said it tastes awesome. the playgrounds are fun cause you can play tag and fun games like that.good description.

  3. Wow Rhyolite that is a really good description. I like McDonald's as well its food is really awesome. I like your description because it describes McDonald's well. If you wanted to you could add some information on where you can find McDonald's if you wanted too.

  4. I love breakfast because you can have bacon and egg burgers at McDonalds.The food there is Yum and i always have a burger when ever i go there.McDonalds is Yum!!!! Good description Eloise.