Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Following our bread making, some people in Scoria decided to write a description about their bread making experience. Here is an example of what we have been learning. 

Kneading the dough

On Monday we got a sticky piece of dough that we had to knead. When it got really sticky we had to put a little bit of flour on it. 

Kneading is when you push the dough back and forwards with your hands. Every time we knead the dough it gets softer and softer like flour. When I pushed the dough softly it squished through my hands. 

The dough was as squishy as wet mud and as white as clouds. We gave the piece of dough that we kneaded to Miss Campbell. When all the pieces of dough were together, it looked different. Then we left it to grow by the window. 

By Amy


  1. wow amy that was really fun i liked it when we kneaded the dough that was so fun. i like it how we got to eat some it tasted good.

  2. On Monday H2 went into our rededing grops and made bred.

  3. the bread was so good and also fun