Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Describing an Important Event - Easter

At Easter I go to New Plymoth because my Nan and Pop are picking me up. Then they take me to Picton. We will have a lovely Easter. We get to do surfing, swimming, running, playing and a lot of other things. I will also go and dye eggs to make them colorful. Then the easter bunny will come and give us eggs and other things. Gran and pop have ice-cream, drinks, bread, milk, and lollies. I get to eat these foods to in the holidays. I love the holidays.

By Marissa


  1. Wow Marissa

    I think you did very well at saying what you did in the holidays.I love the way that you talled as what you were doing in the holidays.and that you got to go to newplames abd that you did your spelling right

  2. hi miss hamlton i like how you did difrent eggs and it lookes like it is egg day.from pativai