Monday, May 28, 2012

Rhyolite has started learning how to write descriptions. Last week we wrote descriptions about one of our favourite places. Here is Eloise's description about McDonald's.


McDonald's is a place where you can get breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make sure you look out for the golden arches. 

McDonald's has lots of people going to it because there is delicious food. For example you can buy nice burgers, soft chips, nice wraps and delicious drinks. The furniture is soft like the wool of a sheep and the playground is fun like a jungle. 

McDonald's is the best place to go to eat because it has the best food in the world. 

By Eloise 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

How to make a sandwich

WALHT: write to instruct Andesite and Basalt are learning how to write to instruct. We decided we would write about how to make a sandwich. We built our knowledge about giving instructions. In the beginning we thought it would only take three steps to make a sandwich. Now we know that there are more!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Following our bread making, some people in Scoria decided to write a description about their bread making experience. Here is an example of what we have been learning. 

Kneading the dough

On Monday we got a sticky piece of dough that we had to knead. When it got really sticky we had to put a little bit of flour on it. 

Kneading is when you push the dough back and forwards with your hands. Every time we knead the dough it gets softer and softer like flour. When I pushed the dough softly it squished through my hands. 

The dough was as squishy as wet mud and as white as clouds. We gave the piece of dough that we kneaded to Miss Campbell. When all the pieces of dough were together, it looked different. Then we left it to grow by the window. 

By Amy

Scoria have been learning how to write descriptions about people, places and things. Here is some of our learning so far. 


Amy has blue eyes as blue as the sky. Amy's hair is a browny blonde colour. She wears dark blue glasses which are as blue as the deep ocean.

Amy is an eight year old girl. Amy is a year four at her school. Amy goes to Stonefields School and likes to play netball.

Amy's skin is as soft as silk. Amy's favourite colour is blue. Amy is wearing a blue top, white socks, black shoes and a black skort. Amy loves swimming, jazz dancing, netball, playing with friends and candy.

By Dasha

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bread Making

Yesterday LH2 made bread. We mixed the ingredients, kneaded the dough, and rolled it into balls ready to bake. Finally they were ready to go in the oven. We filmed them baking and then sped it up! Have a look at our bread baking below:

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Trip to New World

Yesterday LH2 went to visit New World Lunn Ave.  We went there to learn all about what they do in their bakery. We were lucky enough to have a tour through the bakery to see how they make bread. We are going to begin to make our own bread as part of our learning about chemical change, so it was great to get to see it at a professional shop! We also looked at volume and capacity by measuring ingredients on the shelves to make our own bread recipe, and looked at prices for the different ingredients. Thanks so much to our parent helpers for all their help, and to the staff at New World for having us.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Maths: Volume and Capacity

In LH2 we are discovering what a litre looks like. We looked at a range of containers and estimated which would fit 1 litre of water. Then we poured the water in! It was interesting to see that lots of different shapes fit exactly 1 litre of water.  Next we tried to measure 1/2 a litre using blocks. We did lots of learning about volume and capacity!

Thursday, May 03, 2012


                                                       About ANZAC

Australian soldiers wrote openly to their homes about the horrors of the war. People risked their lives to save us and thats why we have ANZAC day to remember them. The soldier's mothers and wifes make biscuits for the trapped soldiers instead of bread. The new ANZAC biscuits are soft, healthy and delicious. On ANZAC day you can see the war planes in the sky.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Describing an Important Event - Easter

At Easter I go to New Plymoth because my Nan and Pop are picking me up. Then they take me to Picton. We will have a lovely Easter. We get to do surfing, swimming, running, playing and a lot of other things. I will also go and dye eggs to make them colorful. Then the easter bunny will come and give us eggs and other things. Gran and pop have ice-cream, drinks, bread, milk, and lollies. I get to eat these foods to in the holidays. I love the holidays.

By Marissa