Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Inquiring into Science: Chemical Change

This term we are learning all about food science in LH2. To begin the term, we made predictions about what would happen when we mixed sugar, golden syrup and baking soda.  Take a look at the photos of us predicting!


  1. i love that day because we made a hokey pokey and it was dilishis.from pativai

  2. WOW! I learned something from your blog post. I did not know that's how you make hokey pokey? How easy and fun is that? I wonder what other exciting things you will be investigating during your science inquiry?

    Keep up the yummy, scientific work !


  3. I love that hokey pokey.I just wish i could have more hokey pokey but it was
    delicous.But i love the music that music keeps saying c is for cookie thats good enough for me.

  4. that was when we made the hokey pokey stuff. it stuck to my mouth and it was really sweet. wow i liked it the comment above says about how cool it and it tastes nice.

  5. I love the video. Because i love the party when it say c is for cookie thats good for enough for me. It sweet for me.

  6. c is for cookie thats good for good enough for me ccc that lookes nice!!!
    by liam