Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stand Tall

Today LH2 had a special visitor. Josiah's Aunty Sam has written a song which has reached the final 10 songs being considered for the NZ Olympic team!
We were privileged to get to learn some of the words today and it was very inspirational. My favourite lyric was about "blood, sweat and tears" because to me that shows the determination required to become an Olympic athlete. So the next time we have to run around the field, we will know what real determination feels like!
Thanks so much to Sam coming in to share this fantastic example of breakthrough learning in the real world with us! If you'd like to hear Sam's song and vote for it, log in to facebook (if you're old enough) or get an adult to log in and vote!


  1. WOW LH2
    It was very nice when Josiah's Aunty Sam came to visit Learning hub two for our breakthrough. The song was very nice. Maybe we could sing the song in our Hub.

    1. lH2
      It was so happy when Josiah's Aunty Sam came to visit us in
      Hub 2 . The song is great , we think we could sing it anytime .

  2. Wow! that must of been really fun singing that song and i enjoyed singing that song too.

  3. It does sound fun and really intriguing to us... We are exploring the link between writing lyrics and music this year and connecting with musicians... I wonder if Josiah's Auntie has time to connect with a class in Dunedin?

  4. Sam's singing was great!!!!