Friday, March 30, 2012

Old Macdonald's Farm

As part of the Pet Day group's breakthrough project, they organised for Old MacDonald's Farm to visit us at Stonefields School. We all got to go and see the farm animals and feed them. It was lots of fun. Thanks to Portia, Georgia, Eloise, Thomas, Daniella and Carmel for organising it for us!


  1. nice music. i had a lot of fun at old McDonald's looks like you had a lot of fun to.

  2. I really liked the pictures that were taken. Some of them were really funny. One of the sheep had a funny smile on it's face. Luca

  3. Hi learning hub 2 it was fun was in it we got to see rabbits,pigs,pony,gout,sheep,chicken,cow,duck,

  4. I had lots of fun at MCdonalds some of the pictures were really funny.The music sounded funny.

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