Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Marine Rescuers

Marine rescuers rescue underwater animals that are trapped.

Kelly Tarlton's has a lot of underwater animals. Marine rescuers rescue sharks, turtles, penguins and small fish, seals and stingrays and lots of other underwater animals. Kelly Tarlton's is near Kohimaramara Bay.

If the animals are caught in a net the marine rescuers untangle or cut the net. Marine rescuers are very good for underwater animals and the environment. They feed the animals for a while then they let the animals free into the sea.

Marine rescuers rescue underwater animals because they care about them and if all the animals die there won`t be any animals in the sea and that would be sad. 

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  1. Hi Natasha, thanks for your writing about marine rescuers. I'm glad people do that job so that our marine animals can swim around freely. Sounds like a cool job. I wonder how long they stay at Kelly Tarltons for?