Thursday, March 08, 2012

Grasshopper Tennis

Today we were lucky enough to have some volunteers from Grasshopper Tennis come and teach us tennis skills. We had so much fun with them and can't wait until they come to see us again next week!


  1. Hi There LH2
    You are so lucy to have grasshopper tennis. We had them come to our school last year. It was fantastic we learnt some great new skills. This year we are using those skills to play some games. What fun


  2. Hi LH2 did you enjoy playing tennis?
    I really liked the video that you made.
    We also liked playing tennis.

  3. Hi LH2,
    This is a really cool video of everyone doing tennis.Everyone looked like they were having so much fun.I loved the way that use were all interested into your learning

  4. I loved grasshopper tennis. I especially enjoyed it when we rolled the tennis ball on the tennis racket and when we were bouncing the ball with the tennis racket. I absolutely loved it. by Sophia

  5. When we do grasshopper tennis we try and hit the ball.
    At the start of grasshopper tennis we have to try and roll the ball around the frame of the ball. When we play grasshopper tennis we have to try and not hit other people and drop the tennis racket on the concrete.
    In grasshopper tennis we have to try and hit the ball in the middle of the tennis racket. When the coaches blow the whistle you have to raise the ball and the tennis racket up into the air.

    Luca and Blair

  6. Grasshopper tennis looks really fun i just wish i could do it at school all the time.I really love the music and i really like the video i really like tennis.

  7. Hi learning hub2 we all like tennis from lanesa