Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Aomalu has written a report about gardens. Her SC were: have a title, an introduction and conclusion, have bundles of facts, use full stops and capital letters. Has she met her SC? Leave her a comment and let her know!

A garden is a place we put all our plants and seeds.

Gardens are special to other people. In Japan some people go to the Japanese gardens to think. Some gardens can also have vegetables and some gardens just look pretty.

Gardens are made out of seeds and rain and soil. There are all sorts of gardens. There are ones at school, home and even on mountains.

A garden is a place where plants live. To make a garden, dig a hole in the dirt and then put seeds in the hole in the dirt. After that, water it in the holes and then let the garden grow. If it is watered it will grow faster.

Gardens are special because they can remind people of special places they have been to.

By Aomalu.


  1. Hi Aomalu , i been looking at your garden . It so
    beautiful with green trees , river and silver rocks .

    1. hi aomalu i like your garden it looks so buterful and i like your silver rocks and i like your plants it is buterful

    2. hi aomalu your garden looks very nice and buterful and it ndis like im in wonderland.ihope you have a good day from your frind .thankyou for helping me with my learning.

  2. Hi Aomalu i like your garden.from lanesa

  3. Hi Aomalu i like the little waterfall it looks like a big one when i'm far away.

  4. Hi Aomalu your garden has a great little water fall and you coud put some fish in it

  5. Hi Aomalu,i like how it looks like a Chinese garden it looks really cool and fun because it coughed look like a foutin like mine but i like it i like the little pound it will be cool if there was fish in it gold fish when i was in whargethea i saw gold fish and i saw one fat one.