Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Making Friends

Stonefields School has so many friends that you can make friends with. To make friends, we use our school values. Being Respectful is very important, because if you not respectful or not playing fair to your friends, they would say " I'm not playing with you anymore, I will find another friend." That's why respect is a very important thing to do with your friends.
We are also Inclusive at Stonefields School. When there are new people at school, we include them by asking them if they want to play with us. When I started at Stonefields School, I made so many friends to play with because they included me in their games. Now I have lots of friends to play with and I include other new people in my games.  
It is easy to make new friends at Stonefields School.


  1. What a lovely example of respect you shared here Lucas. Schools would be very happy places if all children followed your example of welcoming others and including them.

    Well done

    Mrs Burt

  2. Lucas this is very nice example how to respect friends and people. Wish that all adults have this value. Well done Lucas.
    Mr Dean

  3. Wow Lucas this a good text, it will help the year two's if they are not respectful. How did you post this by yourself?

  4. Nice example , Lucas p i wonder if kids will listen?

  5. when i arrived at stonefeilds i made a friend on the first day. the students in stonefeilds are very nice.

    1. Jonathon , it's stonefields . Not stonefeilds .

  6. Hi Lucas
    This is very good, when kids are not being nice they can read this.

    from Rohan at stonefields school