Sunday, February 19, 2012

About Breakthrough

On Friday it was Breakthrough. Breakthrough is something that you choose to learn more about because you are passionate about it or something that you are interested in. For breakthrough my hub and I were doing different sorts of things. There were activities on the computers and some things on the floor. First we got in little groups and then we started doing the activities. We only had 15 minutes on each activity. The ones that I enjoyed the most was art, sewing, time, machines and marbles. It was very fun doing Breakthrough. Next week we will start our own Breakthrough projects based on our passions. I can't wait!


  1. Hi Roquia,
    I like you poster because I liked the picture because i was in it. I think that you did a great job for doing it and I know that you did hard work to finish this off.
    From Anthia Stonefields School

    1. Hi Anthia
      Thanks for your comment I think I agree with you that you were included in the picture because you look like you were very very concentrated on your work.

      From Roquia