Thursday, December 13, 2012

Merry Christmas


 5. Christmas is awesome

7. Because Santa is coming

5. We all have nice presents


 We are people

5. We are all people

7. We are all kids and adults

5.  We all live in houses

School is cool

School is cool

5. School is number 1

7. School has learning like maths time

5. School is fun and cool

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Poetry - Scoria

Scoria has been learning about cinquain, haiku and acrostic poetry. Here are some of our favourite poems which we have written so far. 

Super fast Santa
No slowing down 
On the North Pole
Wind blows Santa away 

By Francis 

Like a ball
Dry lands

By Bar

Santa is very kind 
Angry reindeers 
Never Naughty
Tall and Fat 
Always in a great mood

By Anthia 

People have presents
Really exciting time
Enjoy your christmas
Santa is nice
Every child loves christmas 
Noisy screaming from children
They are really lucky

By Lucas 

Christmas is coming 
Santa is getting ready 
Lights and bells are up

By Eloise 

Helping each other
Working together is fun

By Amy

 in Auckland zoo
 They were running quickly 
 Peaking, cute and sneaking around 

By Dasha 

Santa Claus leaves presents here 
Tearing the paper on my presents
Opening presents
Children smiling 
Kachoos in my stocking
I love Christmas!
No one isn't celebrating in my family 
Glad faces everywhere

By Mahalia 

Poetry by Rhyolite

Rhyolite has been learning about poems. They have especially loved writing acrostic poems. Here are some of our favourite. 

Daniella is my name.
Advance at horse riding.
Nine years old.
I love horses and ponies.
Especially love my horse Ruby.
Love to play with my friends.

By Daniella 

Santa lives in the North Pole
A kind man
No presents for naughty children
To only good children
At Christmas time

By Kiyara 

Break through is awesome
Records of time
Everyone loves it!
All our heads are aching from the hard learning
Keep being determined

Think before doing
Hard work is great
Really fun
Others collaborate
Unexpected learning
Great times
Helping others is fun

By Ashton

Chocolate ice cream
Heaps of presents
Rudolph the red nose reindeer
I like christmas
Santa is nice
Terrific christmas lights
Massive presents
Anything to ask for?

By Keanu

Eruption king
Rock monster
Upper punch
Puddles of lava
Terrible fireballs
Open lava bursting
Rock lover

By Rohan

Excitingly smart
Acrostic poem writer
Nice to friends

By Ethan

Christmas time
Happy holidays
Rudolph the reindeer
Interesting presents
Snow man
Toys as presents
Merry christmas
A yummy christmas dinner

By Eric

Cluck lots
Hazelnut is the name of my chicken
Irresistibly soft and cuddly
Capture them
Kids play with them
Eggs is what they lay
Names is what they have

By Josiah 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Poetry - Tuff

Tuff have been learning how to write different poems. We have written some cinquain, haiku and acrostic poems. 

Coldplay has EPIC!! songs
Oh they are AWESOME!!
Loved their concert
Did all of their best songs
Para para paradise...everytime she closed her eyes
Like that there is a CD of the concert
And fix you (the song) is one of my favourites

By Jaxon 

Church bells ringing
Holly hung
Red and green are the colours of the season
Imagination going wild
Sacks being filled with presents
Trees with decorations
Magic going round
Santa claws is coming!

By Mia

Lollies are Yum!
One Lolly is very healthy
Lollies are not always healthy
Lollies are sweet
I Love Lollies!
Eat them they are YUM
Sugar, sugar, sugar

By Lucas 

Christmas is coming
Christmas will be very fun
There will be santa 

By Kush 

My friends are funny
Yes they are fun to play with

Friends are special
Really nice
I enjoy being with my friends
Eating together is fun for us
Nutella is our favourite thing to eat
Doctors are what we want to be
Smiling friends are the best!

By Roquia 


Gust of wind blows all
The leaves go everywhere
Puddles of leaves fall

By Sebaan

Chocolate is yummy
Hungry for chocolate
Oh yummy chocolate
Crumbling in my mouth
Oh I love chocolate
Lots of different flavours
At the chocolate factory it smells delicious
Eggs and chocolate are two ingredients in a chocolate cake

By Luca

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The zoo

First I went with my class to the zoo.It was on Monday and our group didn't have any name but Georgia,my aunty,Dylan,Luca v and me.Our goal was to see all the animals.And we enjoyed much we want to go agin i like trips.ThenI went to the kid zone and I saw some sand and I thought that it was food for the animals in the kidzone therewere also some games up stairs we went to the vet clinic and I saw a collaborating poster in the vet clinic I saw an operation before I did that I went uder a tunnel were you can see mawcats and it was fun becauase I like mawcats.and a red panda it was cute.


Friday, September 28, 2012

Our Art Auction Song!

Our breakthrough learning has been writing our own lyrics for a song about our art auction. We then recorded ourselves and chose some instruments to go with our song using GarageBand. 

The Art Auction is amazing 
There are pictures in the hall 
We can be artists 
By using lots of things 

We love doing art 
Because it is so much fun
We learned to create masterpieces 
To share with everyone!

We read some stories about New Zealand 
They had animals and trees 
We used these in our art
To share our thoughts with you

We love doing art 
Because it is so much fun
We learned to create masterpieces 
To share with everyone!

We used clay and wire
We used tiles for mosaics 
Crayons, glue and paint 
To make art for everyone

We love doing art 
Because it is so much fun
We learned to create masterpieces 
To share with


By Carmel and Helen 

How to play table tennis!

As part of our breakthrough learning we have learned how to play table tennis. We also created a poster and this keynote so that we can share our learning with others. 

By Jaxon, Ashton and Keanu

How to play Marble Maze!

The aim of the game is to get to paradise but remember it's a race with the other player. 

1. Start at your base which is on each side of the board.  
How do you make your marble move? It is easy! all you have to do is use your fingers. 

2. Try and doge the dead ends.

3. If you get in a dead end, you have to try and get out of it. 

4. The person who reaches paradise first is the winner!

That is how to play marble maze. We hope you get to paradise.

By Eloise, Jensen and Josiah. 

Why do we have pets?

We have pets because for different reasons. If people that have enough money to buy and look after a pet they can buy one. If you rent the house you live in, you have to have permission from the owner to have the pets. People also have pets because they keep you company. You can take them anywhere  for a walk, like to the park. Or you can take them anywhere you want that you are allowed. Pets are also friendly because they play with you,  like dogs. Dogs are really friendly but if you annoy them they might bite you. Some people have pets becuase they can help them if they are blind. They will help you walk if you can't see. If the house is in danger and you are at home a dog might bark and that is a signal for someone to hear that you are in danger. 
That is why we have pets!
 By Juliana

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why people buy and sell art.

What is art? Art is something you can: sculpt, sketch, draw, paint, spray paint, collage and so much more. 

People sell art because they may want money or some people do it for fun. Whatever the reason most people sell art to raise money for something. 

Some people buy art to decorate their homes because their homes are bare and dull, so they buy something worth value. A lot of people buy art because they want something new. 

That is why people buy and sell art. 

 By Sebaan

Why are there different types of art?

Art is something different to everyone because for some people it can describe feelings and for others it can be something that makes your house look good and to make you feel happy. 

There are different types of art because some people want to explain feelings and others want to feel happy. If all art was the same then the art people decorate their houses with would all look the same. 

Artists also make different art because everyone wants different types of art like arts and crafts and other things. If people want a canvas with painting and lots of decorations like paper and pop up butterflies, then they won't get what they want to decorate their house if all art was the same. 

 Humans also create different art because everyone wants different types of art because everyone thinks different and everyone likes different things. 

That is why there are different types of art. 

 By Roquia


If you want to read how and artist makes a mosaic pot these are the things an artist needs to make a mosaic pot: 1.pot 2.tiles 3.gloves 4.glue 5.wet sponge. After the artist glues and sticks all that toghether it will look....AMAZING!!!

First the artist draws on a piece of paper what he or she wants to draw on the artist's pot. Secondly the artist sticks the tiles on the the pot with PVA glue to stick the tiles on. When all the tiles are stuck on the pot the pot will look...AMAZING!!!!

After all the tiles are stuck on, the artist grouts the pot with grout. Then the artist gets a wet sponge and scrubs the pot. After all that scrubing the artist has.....FINISHED!!!!!!

That is how an artist makes a mosaic pot.

By Francis

How does an artist create a mosaic pot?

Mosaic art is sticking tiles on different materials with PVA glue. Once you have it how you want it to look you grout it.Then the fun starts you have to get a cloth and wet it with water then rinse the tiles to rinse the grout off them. Then put it in a nice warm/dry, sunny and hot place to dry it. Then if you want to add details, put a plant and some soil in it. That's how to make a mosaic pot.
By Josiah

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why do People Create Art?

Why do people create Art?

Art is where people create things to put places. You can find are in many diffrent places. Art makes people happy because art is a happy thing. People buy art to be happy. Art makes you happy when you create it because it is fun and relaxing. It is stretching so you feel proud. Artists also create art to make money. If you spend all of your money on a canvas you make a creative picture and get more money. Artists make money in different ways, like art auctions. People also use art to decorate thier houses to make it look amazing. Then they will have nice things to look at. That is why people create art.

By Daniel.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Why do we go to school?

Why we go to school

Going to school makes you learn. Children go to school five days a week. School is a place where children learn things and have lots of fun. Children go to school to learn new things that they dont know. Every day you learn something different that stretches you. It is very fun at school. Sometimes you learn something interesting because you learn from other people. You can also make new friends at school. You can learn to get along with other people. It is also very fun going to school. You can do a lot of fun things at school. Learning can sometimes also be very fun. It is fun because at morning tea and lunch you get to play in the playground. That is why we go to school.

By Marissa.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Why do people create art?

Why do people create art?

Art is something the people draw and create. Somtimes, Artists may think that the walls on their house look a bit boring, so they create the art to make the walls on their house look more exiting.An artist might like to use their own art to decorate their house insted of buying someone else's house. Also, people make art for money. When they buy a canvas, and they don't have any money left,they use the money they get from the person why buys the art to pay for new art supplies. They also use the money for food and other things. if they get lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of money they might be ablted to buy a house. Everyone can do art! Sometimes, art can be really ugly!!! Art can look really pretty!!! that's why people create art.

By Maya

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why do people build houses?

A house is were somewhere we live. Houses are made of wood, metal, bricks, nails, screws and concrete. 
We need houses to keep safe from storms and rain. Also we need to keep safe from wild animals. Houses are safe for people because they have a high base. 
We also need houses to live in .Also people enjoy living in a house. Living in houses can be hard because you have to clean up alot.
Another reason we have houses is that builders need jobs and money.The way they do that is by building houses. Sometimes it's challenging to build certain houses like concrete bases and wood bases. Builders have hard times sometimes but they have an important job.
That is why people build houses. 

By Elijah

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Why people craete art?

Why people create art? Art is something that people like to do.You can use paint,

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Life cycle of a butterfly

The butterfly lays the eggs. Then one caterpillar comes out of the egg. The caterpillar is green. Now the caterpillar turns into a chrysalis. The colour  of the chrysalis is green. Now the butterfly comes out of the chrysalis. It can be different colors.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Why do people eat breakfast?

WALHT: write to explain

People eat breakfast so they can get bigger.
Breakfast makes you strong and healthy. When you put some of the cereal in a bowl and finish it off it fills you up.

We need to get energy at the start of the day. So breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It helps us to stay healthy.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

What is the olympics

The olympics is like sports and they could be like rowing, weight lifting, tennis, cross country and more games and the olympics there are many people in different country. Some people cheers cf for their own country and some people cheer for different countries. When the people on the olympics their own families. When they win they give their own flowers to them or throw at them. The olympics is for strong people and which people and the people that plays the olympics they are adults.
Day 9: highlights from the men's Singles Tennis final at Wimbledon

Why are New Zealanders good at rowing?

New zealand is a small country surrounded by water. This means we have lots of chances to use it. New Zealanders are good at rowing because they start practicing at a young age. Also they join teams at college so they can practice even more. They start young so they feel comfortable on water when they grow up.  Sometimes they practice on waves and waves make them go faster. New Zealanders  are also good at rowing because there are lots of beaches and beaches have lots of water so that they can get better at being in water and also have some fun. Some New Zealanders have their own boats and that means that they can practice at home if there is a river or lake nearby. That is why New Zealanders are good at rowing.

This is Natasha's first explanation. How do you think she went? Does she have an introduction, explanation sequence and conclusion? Let her know in the comments!

Why New Zealand is good at rowing

New Zealand is a small country surrounded by water. This means we have lots of chances to use it. New Zealand is good at rowing because we have lots of water we can use. The athletes get comfortable about the water when they are very young. They also get to practice at college if they join a rowing team.This is why New Zealand is good at rowing.

This is Rohan's first go at writing an explanation. He has tried to include an opening statement, an explanation sequence and a conclusion. How do you think he's gone? Leave him a comment and let him know!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Why are New Zealanders good at rowing?

New Zealand  is a small country surrounded by water. This means we can use it to help us with rowing. We are also surrounded by boats! Young people at college start learning how to row and  practice while are still young. They are in teams so that it is easy to practice. This is why New Zealand are good at rowing.                                                                                                                 
This is Juliana's first explanation. How do you think she went? Does she have an introduction, explanation sequence and conclusion? Let her know in the comments!

Monday, August 06, 2012

Why are New Zealanders so good at rowing?

New Zealand is a small country and surrounded by water. This means we have lots of chances to use it. New Zealand rowers practice and practice so when it is time for them to race they are good. When they were young they started rowing so when they start college they can get good so they can join the New Zealand rowing team. Because they practice and practice so they can win. That is why we are good at rowing.

Friday, August 03, 2012

How to make a Lego jet boat

During breakthrough, Bar, Lucas Q, Eric, Eloise, Tyran and Elijah have been learning about Lego. Here is a keynote we made to show you what we learned. Then you will be able to make your own lego jet boat!


The Penguin Breakthrough group has been researching different species of penguins. Here are our reports about the different species of penguins that we researched. Little Penguins Little penguin is the name of a species of a penguin. They lay 567 eggs in a week. They live in New Zealand and Australia. They mostly eat fish. They live in warm places. By Sophie
Adelie Penguins Adelie penguins live in Antarctica. They also lay thousands of eggs. They eat herbivours, zoo plankton, krill and many kinds of fish. They look like a normal penguins, white with a black tummy. They are very cute. By Marissa
Royal Penguins Royal penguins waddle on ice. They eat fish and krill. They can fly underwater. It is amazing! They are black and white and on top they have a little bit of yellow. They look cool, cute and gorgeous. Royal penguins have yellow feet. And they have a little bit of orange on their feet. Royal penguins have flat feet and they look really small. They have lot's of feathers on their body and their head. They live in New Zealand, Australia, Antartica and the North Pole. Royal penguins are also scared of seals. By Vera
King Penguins A king penguin can waddle on ice. There is 4.5 million King penguins. A king penguin is also a type of bird.They are black and white. They have flat feet. King penguins have orange feet. They are big like a big penguin. They live in New Zealand and Australia they are really cute.They live on ice in Africa. By Aashna

Thursday, August 02, 2012

why new zealand is so good at rowing

New zealand is a small country surrounded by water. This means we have a better chance to use it. New Zealand is a good place to start rowing because there is a lot of water and waves. Practice is also good because it gives you more energy to row. School teams might want to take part in the Olympics and start when they are young by competing in other competitions. Then they get good at being part of serious races. This is why New Zealanders are good at rowing.

Why is New Zealand so good at rowing

Why is New Zealand so good at rowing?

New Zealand is a small country surrouded by water. This means we have lots of chances to use it. We have lots of boats in New Zealand. We start going on boats when we are young so we feel safe around water and know what to do to use it well. There are lots of waves so we can practice in different conditions.  Because there is so much water we can practice a lot. That is why New Zealand is so good at rowing. 

This is William's first explanation. How do you think he went? Does he have an introduction, explanation sequence and conclusion? Let him know in the comments!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012


i like learning because i get to learn new stuff

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Holiday Movie

In the holidays I went to movies with my caregiver and my sister Diya. We went to the movies to watch Ice Age 4. It was really funny when Sid (the sloth)  drank salt water. Sid ate a bee hive. Sid’s granny didn’t have any teeth so Sid gave his granny shark teeth. At the end of the movie Sid’s granny said we are ham and cheese. My favourite part in Ice Age 4 was when the pirates were fighting Manny (the mammoth). Going to the movies was the highlight of my holiday.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Term 3 2012

We can't wait to get started with this term! This term we are going to all be artists and create some amazing art pieces to sell in an auction at the end of the term. So please check in and see our amazing journey to becoming the next incredible artists!

Friday, July 13, 2012


WALHT: write to describe

Pebbles has read and white shoes. They are red like a rose. She is cute, small and pretty. The school she goes to is Stonefields School. She loves to collaborate. Her favourite colour is green. Her hair is black like the night sky. She is important because she helps us to learn how to collaborate. She has a bright skin colour. Pebbles is a girl.

By Vera


WALHT: write to describe

Pebbles likes to collaborate with her friends. Her favourite food is chicken salad and her favourite thing to do is go to all of the beaches in Auckland. One of the beaches she likes the most is Mission Bay. She loves to build sand castles there. Her favourite colour is green. She is very helpful to others. The school she goes to is Stonefields School. Her skin is a white and peach colour. Her shoes are red like a stop sign. She wears a white t-shirt with a  collaborating rock picture on it.  Her hair is black like a scary dark storm at night. 

By Blair

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pebbles is a girl

Pebbles has red shoes like a rose. She has black hair like the black stripes on the back of a zebra. Her t-shirt is white like a cloud. Pebbles eyes are brown like a bear and her skin is pink like a pig. If you are six, she will be a little bit shorter than you.

By Luca

Friday, June 29, 2012


Pebbles shoes are red like lava . Her eyes shine like diamonds and gold. Pebbles favorite colour is green because it is the same as her collaborating picture on her t-shirt.  She has black hair that looks like a big dark hole. Her skin looks as pretty as a peach. She helps people to collaborate and that means that she likes to share too.

By Georgia

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Scoria has been learning how to use the correct structure for the writing purpose. We have been writing instructions.

How to make Ice Cream

Purpose:  When it is a hot sunny day and you are hot you can make an ice cream for yourself, your family or for a friend.

1. Go to the fridge and open the door of the freezer.

2. Get out the ice cream.

3. Go to your draw.

4. Open the draw.

5. Get out a spoon.

6. Go to your cupboard and get out an ice cream cone.

7. Open the lid that was on the ice cream container.

8. Pick up your spoon and ice cream cone.

9.  Get a spoon full of ice cream and put it on your cone.

10. Get another spoon full of ice cream and put it on top of the first scoop.

You can even follow these instructions again to make one for a friend if they want an ice cream too. Now you can enjoy a relaxing time with your family and friends, while eating this delicious ice cream.

By Roquia


Dylan is a boy and he is my cousin.He is six years old and he is six years old and he is turning seven this september. his birthday is on the seventeenth of september. His eyes are the colour of a dark hat. His favorit food is cake. His contrie is New Zealand. He likes school a lot. He goes to stonefields school.

 by kiyara


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

South Africa Bread Group

The South Africa bread group has made a keynote to share their learning about the breads they made and the scientific method.

By Francis, Mia, Amy and Tyran.
Learning Hub 2

My China Cabinet

My china cabinet is brown. It is shaped like a dome.
It has lots of old cups and plates in it.
The china belonged to my Great Nana Nita.
It is very special to my family. 

By Maya

In 100 years time


In 100 years time I will be 107 years old and it will be 2112.I live in space  because all the houses in earth are broken.I lived so long because I made robots.The robots I made were a butler and a dog.I was strong and brave so I could walk in space.I am still young and I go to high school musical.I love ice skating.It's`fun and exercising.Most of all I love space ice skating .My skin is gray as a pencil and my hair is longer than Rapunzel's.My hair is purple than bright purple.I have make up.In 2112 It looks really dark and there is only stars.I live in jupiter because I love ice.My grandma and grandpa live in mars and my mum and dad live in Plato.My cousins live with me.I have a lot of friends.My family moved away from me because they don't like ice and they only like hot places.Sometimes they visit the sun.My bed is made out of cristils and gemme.There are no volcanos and earthquakes because I live in space.

by kiyara

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

                                                In a 100 Years Time
In a 100 years time I think it will a great place. If you wanted something it will be at your door. You can turn invsable. Make portals you have force fields around your house. You can have magic powers and turn people on fire or turn them into ice. You can also pick up rocks that are large.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Music with Hub 2!

We have been learning about different instruments in Music and shared our learning with the rest of the hub on Friday. Have a look at some of our photos from our performances last week!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


                                  Philippines Bread
The  bread group made bread. It is called Pan de Sal. It was sweet, crunchy and soft. Our question was... what will happen if we put 2 .cups of breadcrumbs instead of 1 cup. When we put 2 cups it became crunchy. Our experience was fun. All of the Philippine group liked eating because we liked the bread.Are opines was...  Paul and I (Rohan) liked the one with  breadcrumbs. Roohi and Lucas liked the one with 1 cup of breadcrumbs.. I liked the one with more breadcrumbs because it was sweet. I liked making bread because it was fun and I also had to use the learner quality. I also needed to be determined. I love making bread.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Chemical Change: Making Bread

Yesterday LH2 split into twelve groups to bake bread from the country they had chosen.. There were many different types of bread - sweetcorn bred from South Africa, Rewana bread from New Zealand, Coconut bread from Samoa and many more! We were lucky to have some parents who volunteered to come in and help us as we baked 24 loaves - two for each group. The group baked one control loaf and one where they changed one variable - some doubled the chocolate, some added pepper and some took out ingredients! Take a look at the clip to see more.

LH2 Bread Day from Stonefields School on Vimeo.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Rhyolite has started learning how to write descriptions. Last week we wrote descriptions about one of our favourite places. Here is Eloise's description about McDonald's.


McDonald's is a place where you can get breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make sure you look out for the golden arches. 

McDonald's has lots of people going to it because there is delicious food. For example you can buy nice burgers, soft chips, nice wraps and delicious drinks. The furniture is soft like the wool of a sheep and the playground is fun like a jungle. 

McDonald's is the best place to go to eat because it has the best food in the world. 

By Eloise 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

How to make a sandwich

WALHT: write to instruct Andesite and Basalt are learning how to write to instruct. We decided we would write about how to make a sandwich. We built our knowledge about giving instructions. In the beginning we thought it would only take three steps to make a sandwich. Now we know that there are more!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Following our bread making, some people in Scoria decided to write a description about their bread making experience. Here is an example of what we have been learning. 

Kneading the dough

On Monday we got a sticky piece of dough that we had to knead. When it got really sticky we had to put a little bit of flour on it. 

Kneading is when you push the dough back and forwards with your hands. Every time we knead the dough it gets softer and softer like flour. When I pushed the dough softly it squished through my hands. 

The dough was as squishy as wet mud and as white as clouds. We gave the piece of dough that we kneaded to Miss Campbell. When all the pieces of dough were together, it looked different. Then we left it to grow by the window. 

By Amy

Scoria have been learning how to write descriptions about people, places and things. Here is some of our learning so far. 


Amy has blue eyes as blue as the sky. Amy's hair is a browny blonde colour. She wears dark blue glasses which are as blue as the deep ocean.

Amy is an eight year old girl. Amy is a year four at her school. Amy goes to Stonefields School and likes to play netball.

Amy's skin is as soft as silk. Amy's favourite colour is blue. Amy is wearing a blue top, white socks, black shoes and a black skort. Amy loves swimming, jazz dancing, netball, playing with friends and candy.

By Dasha

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bread Making

Yesterday LH2 made bread. We mixed the ingredients, kneaded the dough, and rolled it into balls ready to bake. Finally they were ready to go in the oven. We filmed them baking and then sped it up! Have a look at our bread baking below:

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Trip to New World

Yesterday LH2 went to visit New World Lunn Ave.  We went there to learn all about what they do in their bakery. We were lucky enough to have a tour through the bakery to see how they make bread. We are going to begin to make our own bread as part of our learning about chemical change, so it was great to get to see it at a professional shop! We also looked at volume and capacity by measuring ingredients on the shelves to make our own bread recipe, and looked at prices for the different ingredients. Thanks so much to our parent helpers for all their help, and to the staff at New World for having us.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Maths: Volume and Capacity

In LH2 we are discovering what a litre looks like. We looked at a range of containers and estimated which would fit 1 litre of water. Then we poured the water in! It was interesting to see that lots of different shapes fit exactly 1 litre of water.  Next we tried to measure 1/2 a litre using blocks. We did lots of learning about volume and capacity!

Thursday, May 03, 2012


                                                       About ANZAC

Australian soldiers wrote openly to their homes about the horrors of the war. People risked their lives to save us and thats why we have ANZAC day to remember them. The soldier's mothers and wifes make biscuits for the trapped soldiers instead of bread. The new ANZAC biscuits are soft, healthy and delicious. On ANZAC day you can see the war planes in the sky.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Describing an Important Event - Easter

At Easter I go to New Plymoth because my Nan and Pop are picking me up. Then they take me to Picton. We will have a lovely Easter. We get to do surfing, swimming, running, playing and a lot of other things. I will also go and dye eggs to make them colorful. Then the easter bunny will come and give us eggs and other things. Gran and pop have ice-cream, drinks, bread, milk, and lollies. I get to eat these foods to in the holidays. I love the holidays.

By Marissa

Friday, April 27, 2012

What ANZAC day means to me

Anzac day is the day when we remember all the soldiers that protected us in wars. We wear red poppies to remind us about the soldiers that dies in the war. This year my family and I watched the Army planes. They were very loud. We also watched a Tongan ceremony and Mangere. Then we went to a cafe. It had a TV. Then we saw another ceremony. It was a good day.

Anzac day is a day to remember the people in the war. ANZAC means Australia New Zealand Army Corp. The wives of Anzac soldiers baked cookies for the soldiers. The cookies went on a big ship that took two months. It could take two months because the cookies stayed fresh for a long time. If bread went on the ship for two months it would have moss and green stuff and it would not be yummy any more.

Anzac means Australia New Zealand Army Corp. In world war 1 the soldiers went to Gallipoli. It makes me remember my great grandad who was in the war. It was his birthday when they went to Gallipoli.  Sometimes we make Anzac biscuits. Some people wear a poppy because on the beach where some of the people died a field of poppies grew.

On Anzac day we remember the soldiers who fought and died. We remember all of them including the ones who survived. On Anzac day people bake biscuits. During the war, soldier's wives baked biscuits and sent them to the soldiers at war. They were called soldier's biscuits then. They sent them because the soldiers couldn't go without food, otherwise they wouldn't have enough energy. ANZAC stands for Australia New Zealand Army Corps. The Australians fought with us.

Anzac Day means that you remember the soldiers who died long ago. Every Anzac day people wear poppies and jets perform in the sky. On Anzac day some people bake Anzac cookies and on the day the soldiers were at the war their mothers, wives and girlfriends baked Anzac cookies for them.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

ANZAC Biscuits

The ANZAC biscuits the mothers wives and girlfriends were making were because they sent some biscuits to their soldiers. They could not take food with them because the food would rot. The biscuits were made to last the journey on the ship. It took 2 months to get there. The biscuits had no eggs in them.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Inquiring into Science: Chemical Change

This term we are learning all about food science in LH2. To begin the term, we made predictions about what would happen when we mixed sugar, golden syrup and baking soda.  Take a look at the photos of us predicting!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Report Writing: John Key

Rhyolite have been learning to write information reports.  Here is an information report they have collaborated to write as a group on John Key.

John Key

John Key is the Prime Minister of New Zealand.  He is 50 years old.  John Key has two sisters and he has two long lost brothers because his Dad married another woman before he married John Key's Mum.  John Keys parents were from Israel.

He was born on 9 August 1961 in Auckland.  In 1969 John Key and his family moved to Christchurch when his father died.  
John Key went to school in Christchurch at Aorangi School and then Burnside High School.  He got a B.comm at the University of Canterbury.

In his spare time John Key likes to be with his family.  He likes cooking, playing golf and watching rugby.

John Key wanted to be Prime Minister so he could help sick people.  This is important to John Key because he lost his Dad at 4 years old.
Before John Key was Prime Minister he was an investment banker in New Zealand in the 1980s.  Then in the 1990s he went to Singapore, London and Sydney to work for Meryl Lynch, a huge investment banking company.
In 2001 John Key came back to New Zealand to become a politician in the National Party.  This was his true life long passion.  In 2008 he led the National Party to victory in the election and became the Prime Minister of the National led government.  

Friday, March 30, 2012

Old Macdonald's Farm

As part of the Pet Day group's breakthrough project, they organised for Old MacDonald's Farm to visit us at Stonefields School. We all got to go and see the farm animals and feed them. It was lots of fun. Thanks to Portia, Georgia, Eloise, Thomas, Daniella and Carmel for organising it for us!

Pet Day Assembly

Today was Pet Day at Stonefields School. The pet day group organised it as part of breakthrough time. The day started with LH2's assembly. We decided as a hub that since there were going to be animals involved, we better have it outside on the courts. It was a beautiful day so it was great to be outside. We also shared some of our breakthrough learning with the school and all the parents, and we sang Old MacDonald has a farm. When we clapped, we did sign-language claps so that we wouldn't scare the animals.  Our assembly was a success and we were very thankful to all the parents who came to watch and to help with the pets!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Madisyn’s eyes are blue and her hair is blond. She likes dogs and puppies. Madisyn goes to Stonefields School. She wears a uniform for school so that she does not get confused about what to wear. The uniform will keep children warm. It is very, very good to wear when it rains. Madisyn is a girl.

By Madisyn

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

John Key

The Prime Minister makes good laws and rules for people in New Zealand. He helps people and talks to other prime ministers around the world to make sure that the rules he makes are fair. He will still be the Prime Minster for three more years.

By Luca

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stand Tall

Today LH2 had a special visitor. Josiah's Aunty Sam has written a song which has reached the final 10 songs being considered for the NZ Olympic team!
We were privileged to get to learn some of the words today and it was very inspirational. My favourite lyric was about "blood, sweat and tears" because to me that shows the determination required to become an Olympic athlete. So the next time we have to run around the field, we will know what real determination feels like!
Thanks so much to Sam coming in to share this fantastic example of breakthrough learning in the real world with us! If you'd like to hear Sam's song and vote for it, log in to facebook (if you're old enough) or get an adult to log in and vote!

Friday, March 16, 2012


Cooper has written a report about gardens. Her SC were: have a title, an introduction and conclusion, have bundles of facts, use full stops and capital letters. Has she met her SC? Leave her a comment and let her know!

Gardens are for plants and flowers to live in.
There are plants that go in pots.  Some just go in dirt. Some grow from grass. There are lots of different kinds of plants. There’s dandelions, sunflowers, coconut trees, banana trees and even more.
To make a garden a person would need dirt and plants to put in it. Then they might want to put some plants in the dirt and water it. They might want to plant different kinds of plants in the soil.
There are many different types of gardens. There are gardens with prickles, pretty gardens and vege gardens. There are Japanese gardens, school gardens and parks.
People have gardens in cast they might want to have vegetables or a place to sit and look at nature.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Aomalu has written a report about gardens. Her SC were: have a title, an introduction and conclusion, have bundles of facts, use full stops and capital letters. Has she met her SC? Leave her a comment and let her know!

A garden is a place we put all our plants and seeds.

Gardens are special to other people. In Japan some people go to the Japanese gardens to think. Some gardens can also have vegetables and some gardens just look pretty.

Gardens are made out of seeds and rain and soil. There are all sorts of gardens. There are ones at school, home and even on mountains.

A garden is a place where plants live. To make a garden, dig a hole in the dirt and then put seeds in the hole in the dirt. After that, water it in the holes and then let the garden grow. If it is watered it will grow faster.

Gardens are special because they can remind people of special places they have been to.

By Aomalu.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Grasshopper Tennis

Today we were lucky enough to have some volunteers from Grasshopper Tennis come and teach us tennis skills. We had so much fun with them and can't wait until they come to see us again next week!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Marine Rescuers

Marine rescuers rescue underwater animals that are trapped.

Kelly Tarlton's has a lot of underwater animals. Marine rescuers rescue sharks, turtles, penguins and small fish, seals and stingrays and lots of other underwater animals. Kelly Tarlton's is near Kohimaramara Bay.

If the animals are caught in a net the marine rescuers untangle or cut the net. Marine rescuers are very good for underwater animals and the environment. They feed the animals for a while then they let the animals free into the sea.

Marine rescuers rescue underwater animals because they care about them and if all the animals die there won`t be any animals in the sea and that would be sad.