Tuesday, November 08, 2011

How to give good instructions: Blindfold Edition

Today as part of our learning how to give good instructions, the Year 2's got into pairs and blindfolded each other. Then they tried to walk from one end of the hub to the other, listening to their partners instructions. It was hard work and meant that their partner had to give clear instructions using words like turn, right, left, sidestep and STOP!
We got better and better as we practiced and now we know more about how to give good instructions.

By Ashton and William.


  1. Hi There Ashton and William
    I liked your photo and story about giving instructions. Giving clear instructions can almost be as hard as listening to instructions. I am glad that you now know how to give clear instructions.


  2. Cool! Ashton and William.I was impressed by how you two wrote that you got better every time. Was it very hard the first time and how many people managed to get to the end?

  3. this was really fun. what was your favourite part william and ashton. i sis with miduran

  4. Hi hub2,
    That is a great photo of use telling people where to and other words derctions for people to go when they are wearing a blind fold around there head tht is really cool.

    Anthia Stonefields School

  5. Hi year 2's,

    that looks like a great photo of you guys giving instructions. Year 2's did you trust your buddy when they were blind - folded? Did you use maybe right, left, backwards, forwards, steps and stop while you were telling them the instructions? I hope you guys had fun.

    From Noeramiah at stonefields school.

  6. whoa that sounds like fun. I did not even know that William and Ashton wrote the comment it is amazingly good I love your work.great job. and I do not know anything that you could improve on you are brilliant.