Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Michelle's Advertisment

Here is Michelle's ad for her amazing invention.  Were you persuaded to buy it?  How much would you pay? Let her know in the comments!


  1. Hi Michelle you made a great ad! I really liked the bit when you said made by MK business, well done!

  2. what a great product i ever seen , how it can hang it on the wall , it amazing i will be like it .

  3. Hello Kush and Lucas,

    Thanks for the nice compliment about my advert. to make your comments better you can add some really nice feedback so I can improve on something better.

  4. Hi Michelle,

    that was a great clip that you have made about your invention. The things that you said in the clip sounded like an invention that has solutions to maybe some problems that people are having. So if it is they will might buy your invention because it is really helpful. Good luck selling your invention in the future.

    From Noeramiah at Stonefields School.

  5. Hi Michelle
    That was a great clip about your Locaterpic it was amazing and I think that you did a really great job when you made your clip about you invention.You could work on putting more detail in your clip because you didn't put main things only two main things and it would be really cool if you put lots of main points so then we could thing that you did a fantastic job.
    From Roquia at

  6. Hi michell! I think you did relly well. How did you make this video? Did you put any sound?