Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Inquiry: How things work

This term, Learning Hub 1 and 2 are collaborating to learn all about how things work. We had a very exciting discovery time on Tuesday and got to wander around LH2 and look at all the interesting displays. We read books, looked at movie clips and had some hands on fun with different equipment. Then we got to choose an inquiry group - buildings, space, bones, camouflage or food science. We are going to be in these groups for the first part of the term, before we get to choose another inquiry and do it all again! It will be interesting to compare our two inquiries and make connections between them. Have a look at the slideshow to see us exploring!


  1. That sounds cool! I like how you did the video it's really awesome. Sounds like you had a fun time learning1

  2. That day was awesome,

    I wish we chould keep on doing it again and again. I really liked the music which was playing on the movie it made me really happy. It was so good I have nothing for you to improve on

    From Michelle

  3. Wow HUB 2 and HUB 1. You did quite well on choosing what subject you wanted the most. I am exited that we can do it again and choose a new subject! How long will we be doing this inquiry?