Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Amy's cPhone

Here is Amy to tell you all about her amazing product, the cPhone.  See if you can work out why she named it that!


  1. Hi Amy,That is a very nice project.It persuaded me a bit.
    You can improve on adding more ideas to persuade a person.
    But I would buy your prototype for about $800.

  2. Wow! Amy i really like your invention. I love talking all over the world!. I live how you call it the 'C' Phone. I think i will bye your invention
    so it's at Stonefields school and at the invention shop got it.

  3. wow! Amy I really like the 'C' phone. I like talking around the world too I think I should buy your invention I would bu your invention for alot of money

  4. Wow Amy i love your invention. The c phone looks really cool and i would buy your c phone too.

  5. Wow AMY how did you make that c phone.You are amazing.i want a c phone that looks jest like

  6. Wow Amy, I like your c phone it has lots of the detail. I would buy your invention for $850.