Friday, September 09, 2011

Values: Respect

Here are Dasha, Jaxon, Sarah and Michelle to share how they showed respect for others.  Well done, guys!


  1. Hi Dasha, Jaxson, Michelle and Sarah,

    That was a great clip you did about respect because it shows us something that they are disrespecting at and how we could make it better by finding a solution. I see that people make the disrespecting photo of someone felling liike they really do not like it then making it a better way to make them feel happy about it.

    From Noeramiah at Stonefields school.

  2. Did you put any sound in your clip?

  3. Hi Dasha, Jaxon, Michelle and Sarah.
    That is a good imovie movie.
    You could improve on making sure that there is no sound around you just your voice.
    You could teach the little kids because you guys are amazing at it.

  4. Hello Natasha,
    We did put some sound in our movie he sound must of not been on. The only time we did not do sound was when Jaxon was putting the coloring pencals.

  5. Wow! Dasha's group you did really really well on your photo thing i liked it.

  6. hi my name is russell i realy like this it think it is cool Room 12 RBS

  7. Hi i'm Caelan and I think that was awesome.

  8. Hi I'm Jaida and I think that you showed us very well, how not to respect people and how to respect people. Good job.

    P.S. Our uniforms are almost exatly the same apart from the logo.