Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Values: Respect

Here are Muatau, Amy, Lawson and Josiah to show their movie about respecting others.

Respect from Stonefields School on Vimeo.


  1. When did you do this movie because it was fun to watch. How did you make this movie because I want to learn how to make a movie too!

  2. Hi Amy, Josiah, Lawson and Muatau,

    That was a really interesting movie that I have been watching about respect. My opinion that I think that you did well at is showing us a dishonest picture then a honest picture to help us solve the dishonest.

    From Noeramiah at Stonefields School.

  3. Hi Ashton,
    I made it by getting the pictures, recording the voice and putting some titles but most of all team work.We had to split the jobs.
    Thank you Ashton for the comment.

  4. Thank you Mia,
    We did show some difference to make it see the bad and good.

    Thank you Mia for the comment

  5. This is a really good honesty video and we could show them the video on the next HUB 2 assembly.

  6. Hi Kush.
    Maybe we could, thank you for the comment.
    Maybe I could teach to make one so you could be awesome at it.

  7. I think you made a good movie. did you put any sound in your movie?

  8. Hi Natasha.
    I did put sound in i tand it was fun working with the group.Maybe you could be an expert on Imovie some day.
    Thank you for your comment.

  9. Hi josiah I think you did well at being honest