Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Reading: Noeramiah's Poem

During reading time, the Pumice group have been learning how to "make connections between text types and identify text features whether they are reading text or being a writer themselves." This week, they read poems from different school journals, looked at the different text features that made that poem special, and then wrote a similar poem themselves.
Noeramiah read the poem from SJ Part 2, Number 3, 2009 called Blackbird. She then wrote this poem:

White  Bird.

There is twitter,
there is flight,
there is a sweet song
with other birds.

Feathers soft,
eyes are blue,
wings up
in the air.

Breezy air
across the sky,
wings fluttering
up and down
with other birds -
family and

There are chirping
sounds  I hear, 
a sweet song
in the trees, 
the most beautiful
sounds I have heard
from a white bird. 

Have a look at the school journal if you'd like to compare this poem with the original! Leave Miah a comment and tell her what you think.


  1. What a fabulous poem - I especially like the second verse. Keep up all that great thinking and learning Miah!

  2. Hi Noeramiah,
    I really like your poem and what a fabulous poem you made. I really like your last paragraph because I liked it when you wrote in the trees, the most beautiful sounds I have heard from a white bird.
    What I mostly liked and thought that you did a really fantastic job was the first paragraph because you put in details that helped me imagine it in my head.
    From Roquia.

  3. Hi Noremiah you did a fantastic job of that poem that was amazing what you wrote they all made scene and they all rimed too.I liked it at the second to last.

    By Anthia stonefield school.

  4. Hi Mia,
    That poem makes me feel like flying and it is amazing. Your poem is cool and makes me calm.
    Maybe you could teach me how to write a poem.

  5. That is amazing, I have never read a poem like that in my life. It makes me feel in a calm place. It makes me feel like i am flying. It is amazing & super.

  6. Wow!That is really effective writng. I love the way you wrote that poem and how you used the words. :)