Monday, September 19, 2011

Oral Language

We have been focusing on persuading others for oral language this term.  Today we each picked an object in the class that we thought we could sell to other people in the hub.  When the music stopped, we tried to sell the object to the first person we saw.  The winner then challenged another winner, until we ended up with two groups trying to persuade each other to buy two items.  Take a look at the photos to see the items that we chose to sell!


  1. Cool Hub two! I was fun when we challenged each other in the final contest. I hope we do it again!

  2. Hi LH2,
    That was fantastic learning that use were doing my the way who won.That was a great game use were playing.

    By Anthia Stonefields school.

  3. Wow
    I really like this song and it was fun doing oral language when we had to decide what was the best and we also had to persuade others to buy it and I also liked it when people put in detail about the object that was in their hand.Also my favorite part was when we got to decide what was the best object and the best one that I thought that was cool and persuaded me to buy it.
    From Roquia at Stonefields school

  4. What a fantastic game! You look like you are having a really good time and are selling your item well.

    I think Room Ten might enjoy this game as well, perhaps we will give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration kids.

  5. Wow That was fun.
    I learned that you need to have features to make it better.I had help with my group and it was fun working as a group.

  6. That was fun. You guys really had some good idea's
    about sharing your thing. I could see some really good things that you choced to sell. I liked the music too.