Thursday, September 15, 2011

Construction Day!

Here we are constructing our future technologies.  It was a really fun day full of assembling, gluing and lots of interesting wonderings.  Thanks to our parents who came to help!


  1. I'm not sure what some of your creations were but they looked pretty innovative and interesting.



    Appleby School


  2. It was fun.
    I got to fell how hot the glu gun is and it almost felt like fire.
    It was fun because I got to break some peices apart but there was some problem that we manged to fix.
    Thank you for the comment Allanah king.

  3. Hi lH2,

    it was really fun building our inventions. They looked really great that we might sell it soon. To me they look really interesting because I will might buy one of your inventions. The song on the clip made me feel like I am grooving along in a disco with my family. I think that we all managed to finish our inventions but before we sell it we need to persuade people why they should buy our inventions that we have made.

    From Noeramiah at Stonefields school.

  4. Hey LH2,

    That day was really fun when we were making our inventions in LH2 because it streached my learning heaps and I hope lots of people want to buy our inventions with our persuave writing and I also hope they don't break. I really enjoyed the music it made me feel enigced and it also made me want to invent.

    From Michelle @ stonefields school

  5. Hi LH2, It was neat to see all of your thinking and planning come together - you obviously applied your understanding well! What was the most challenging part of the construction day for you? How did you overcome those challenges?

  6. Awesome video how long did it take to make all of those fab pieces of art that's right I would consider those things as pieces of art. you must be very proud of your creations I would love it if you could teach me how to make some of them if I had to judge those they would all win!

  7. You're welcome Muatau

    I now have your blog in my Google Reader so that I can see when you update it with more news to share.

    Allanah King

  8. what are you construcking in these photos because I whod love to know.

  9. Hey Ben,
    It took a long time to design our inventions because we had to draw what we wanted to have. It took the whole day of learning to finsh our design.

  10. The day that we did the inventions was the funnest creating day at school. I thought that we were going to make our creation out of paper! I really want to do it again because it was so fun!