Thursday, August 18, 2011

Position and Orientation: Reflection, Rotation and Translation

We have been looking at reflection, rotation and translation recently during strand maths time.  Take a look at the clip to find out what these words mean and look like!


  1. Cool!
    You guys could teach a lot of things to the little ones. You guys really understand what Reflection and rotation and translation.

  2. Wow thanks for reminding me what flip,
    slide and turn mean you have showed the audience what you think flip,slide and turn is.

  3. Wow.
    You guys know lots about rotation, reflection and translation.
    You could teach the little kids.
    You could be experts.

  4. That was great work that we did during maths. There were some good rotation, reflection and translation that we did. My favorite part was when we had to explain what we had to do and my favorite part was when we were saying different things to tell of what it meant. Next time we should make sure that people were not out of the way because I saw someone in the way while I was watching the clip.

    From Noeramiah at Stonefields School.

  5. Hello,
    It was so much fun when we did videos of rotation, reflection and Translation. We were so good at at doing all the thing we did. The thing I really liked about the video was in the writing at the bottom it said that we did the writing in maths time not in writing or reading time. The thing we could improve on is to speak louder because on some of the movies I couldn't hear even in my video i could not hear.
    From Michelle at stonefields school

  6. Wow! year 3's and year 4's that was really cool how you told me what reflection is and rotation'translation means.I think i remember what
    slide guys were amazing.

  7. We have been doing rotation reflection and translation in LH2 on Thursday since we made this video we had a lot of fun and LH2 hopes that you enjoyed seeing the video.

  8. Sorry for not saying my favourite part.
    My favourite part was working with my gruop and filmimng!

  9. Hey year 3's and 4's i really am impurest with our learning about reflection and rotation'translation..I really like our learning

    From Francis