Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our Visitors: Vietnam

We have been investigating the places our visitors come from. Lawson, Francis and Miduran found out the top ten facts about Vietnam. Here they are:

1. The presidents' name is Nguyen Minh Triet
2. There are more than 55 languages spoken in Vietnam.
3. Vietnamese food is considered one of the most healthy yet divine foods world wide.
4. Vietnamese people wear clothing similar to the clothing that is popular around the world, although in high school, Vietnamese girls may wear the Ao Dai.
5. The weather in Vietnam is tropical which makes it great to travel to.
6. In the 1980's the people lived in villages but now they live in cities.
7. The population is 83 million.
8. The land area is 329, 566 square km.
9. The capital city, Hanoi, has 4 million people.
10. The official language is Vietnamese.


  1. Good working!
    You have lot of intresting facts.
    What key word did you use?
    Was it hard.
    You could be a expert at that country and could make the visitors fell welcome.

    From Muatau

  2. Well I hope you enjoyed learning about some of Vietnam with our 10 facts of it and we hope you can see it with your own eyes and tell us what it was like thank you for commenting!

  3. It was very hard because when we asked the computer the top ten facts of Vietnam it came up with no facts so I thought it was very hard.

  4. You have shown respect for Vietnam and are good researchers well done!You could find out more if you want. Which country are you researching next?

  5. maybe I could tell the people going to greet them that if they see any Vietnam people!

  6. I don't know Kush maybe i could do well china?

  7. Hi Lawson, Francis and Miduran

    That is great that you guys researched for top 10 facts about Vietnam. While you were doing that it looks like that you used the vision principal which was collaborating. I think you collaborated by finding out the 10 facts of Vietnam. We had to do a country that visitors came from so they can fell welcomed to look at our blog. Did you use key words during your research.

    From Noeramiah at Stonefields School

  8. Hi Lawson ,Francis,miduran
    I did not know that in Vietnam they are 55 Languages

  9. Oh WOW!
    thats great info. Keep up the good work. :D