Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our Visitors: France

We have been looking excitedly at the world map on our blog this week and have been amazed at all the different countries who have been visiting us!  We thought it would be a great idea to learn more about the countries our visitors come from, since some of them might even be coming here for the Rugby World Cup!  We got into groups of 2 or 3 and researched some of the countries.  Caleb, Zeb and Ashton researched France, using keywords so that they could find the information they needed easily.  Here are the top 10 facts they discovered about France:

1. France is the largest european country as it is nearly 20% of the territory.
2. The most popular sports are football, rugby league and rugby union.
3. Good morning in French is "bonjour."
4. Good evening is "bonsoir."
5. 54% of French people identify themselves as being christian.
6. The capital of France is Paris.
7. Almost 70% of the land in France has been reserved for National Park.
8. The city of Paris has 2,160,000 people living there.
9. The average temperature in January is 39F and in July is 69F.
10. The Eiffel Tower is the most famous symbol in France and is in Paris.


  1. Thank you Caleb, Zeb and Ashton for your wonderful research on France and providing us with 10 top facts about France, I am going to pass then on to the kids in my class. Room Ten have also adopted France as a country to learn more about as part of our rugby world cup studies. Maybe we can help each other.
    Merci et au revoir

  2. Wow Zeb and group.
    You really have interesting facts.
    Maybe you could search about my country.
    You don't need to if you want.

    By Muatau at stonefields school

  3. Wow interesting that you chose France.You could maybe search another country because you have done this country.

  4. Good job Zeb,Caleb and Ashton for sharing 11 facts about France and I'm glad that you told people to speak French :-)

  5. Hi Ashton Caleb and Zeb,

    That is great for sharing 10 facts about France. I am glad that you guys came up with ten facts and I know that you guys got a Building Learning capacity sticker for finding 11 facts. It is good to use top 10 facts because it makes it easy so you do not have to look for 10 facts. Well done!

    From Noeramiah at Stonefields School.