Friday, August 05, 2011

Holiday recounts

Over the holidays we were kept very busy by catching up with their friends and family and visiting different places. We are learning how to write recounts that include lots of detail and have time connectives. Please read our stories and see how you think we went.

Sleepover fun!

By Kush

On Saturday I was going for a sleep over at my friends house. When my mum and dad dropped me off it was time for the fun to begin! After a while there was a knock on the door. I wondered who it might be. Then out came our friend- he was having a sleep over too. We said that we wanted to watch Cars 2. The adults said “yes” and we spent about half of the night watching Cars 2. Then we started to argue about who was going to tell a story first. In the end we decided that Cars 2 was our story, then we drifted off to sleep.

When we woke up my other friend (whose name is Jushant) and I were teasing our other friend, Smit who was still in bed. Suddenly Smit’s brother, called Rudra, crawled into the room when we were not looking. But me and Jushant saw him and jumped onto the bed. Then he tripped and landed on sleeping Smit. “ Arghhhhhhh” Smit groaned.

After that we went to the museum. We saw volcanoes, dinosaurs and tree houses. It was fun, especially when we saw the BMW. Then we went home.

My trip to Wellington

By Roquia

On the first day of school Holidays was my best day ever because I was going to Wellington in an airplane .First we jumped in the car and drove to the airport with my family.

We had already packed our bags soon as we climbed in the airplane everybody put on their belts. After we waited for the plane to start I felt exited. Then the plane started I felt like I was growing bigger and bigger when the plane went higher and higher.

Then the plane started to go straight. I felt like I was at a place with lots of chocolate and ice cream with jelly on top. I waited for an hour then we hopped out of the plane. We kept walking till we got to the Wellington airport .

My family waited for my uncle to come then we skipped into the car to get to my uncles house. When we got there I watched some Nickelodeon movies and it was spongbob then we watched a scary movie and the part where I got scared was the part where I fell asleep.

Then I woke up up at midnight when everybody was sleeping I crept into the living room and kept watching the movie.Then my mum woke up she saw the TV on so she grabbed the remote and turned the TV off then she went back to sleep I felt sleepy too so I went back to sleep.

On the next day I went to the warehouse and I bought a book,shoes and a beanie I also bought gloves. Then we watched a movie it was yogi bear .

Then we got in the car and drove back to Auckland. During the time where we were in the car I saw a mountain and it was full of snow.

I felt like I didn't want to leave Wellington but I had to. Finally we got home.I had the best day ever at Wellington.

School is out!
By Michelle

In the school holidays I helped my Mum in the cattery.

The first thing I did was to let the cat out of the cage so then I could clean the cage out so then it was clean for them to enjoy.

The second thing I did was to empty the dirt tray. Next I had to take the bed out to brush all the fur off because the other cats might go into the cage and the other cat might of had the fleas and that cat would get the fleas.

After that I gave the water bowl to my Mum to clean ready for the next cat to drink out of. Next, I filled all the clean dirt trays with litter for the next cat to go. Then I played with the other cats for ten minutes. Ten minutes later I helped my Mum give the cats fresh water.

Near closing time I started to gather all the litter , leaves and fur so then the cat don’t eat it and get sick. When I finished sweeping the tiles the last customer came to bring their cat I gave the cat its water and dirt tray and put the cat in the cage and went back in the office.

Outside the cattery I played with all the cats through the wires and one of the workers came up to me and gave me the keys to put it back in the draw. Then I went back outside to play with the cats and the cats went into a fight so I stopped playing with them and went inside.


  1. Hi Michele. Yes some of my friends helped and we were with a senior student called Captain Sprinkles!!!
    The green ingredient was spinach! Also cream cheese in the middle and spicey chilli sauce on the top.
    From Ezra.

  2. Hi Kush,

    Looks like you had a interesting holiday by having a sleepover. Did you have fun during the holidays and did you enjoy watching Cars 2? But I am having a little bit of trouble here and what those BMW mean? You did really well at using speech marks in your recount because it makes it interesting.

    From Noeramiah at Stonefields School.

  3. Hi Kush! I like your story and I think that you had a really interesting holiday and I like your second paragraph because I think that you put in lots of detail in your second paragraph. I really think that you had a really fun day at your friends house and I think that you should keep up the great writing and I think that you did a really great job.

  4. Wow! Kush that sounds exciting about going to your friends house.That must of been pretty cool
    watching cars 2 for half of the night!.I wish i could go with you because i like story's about cars 2.

  5. HI kush I really like your story because you put in lots of detail in it and I think that you did a really great job.I also like your first and last paragraph because you put in lots of detail and you made me interested in your story.I felt like you were talking to me and I also got interested by you putting in lots of detail and I think that you should keep writing such great storys until you make other people in your story interested in the groaned and that was my favourite part of the story.You also made me interested in your story by putting lots of information and I think that you a really great job.

  6. Hi Roquia,
    Your trip to wellington sounded like you had so much fun. The thing I liked about your recount writing was that you added some time words which I loved. You could maybe improve on to say maybe when you woke up and watched TV.

  7. Hi Kush,
    amazing recount!!
    you did a great job on every thing Kush. Loved the detail in your work like when you wrote ''Agrhhhhhhhhh'' that was very detailed. what a great recount!!

  8. Hi Michelle I really like your story about what happened in your holidays and I really like your first and second paragraph because you put in lots of detail in your story and I think that you did a really great job writing your story about what happened in your holidays. What you did well at was adding lots of detail in your story and what you could improve on is that you could add a little bit detail to your third because it quiet didn't have to much detail