Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wetlands Inquiry: Savannah's Pamphlet

Savannah's Pamphlet is the final piece of our website to be finished and is now available to be downloaded on the website!  Click here to visit the website and see all the content on the Stonefields Wetlands. Haven't we done an awesome job? Leave us a comment and tell us what we should add next!


  1. Hi Savannah I really love your pamphlet it is really wonderful and I really loved the part when you said as long as pukeko have enough food and there are no foods, they will remain in the same habitat for ever I really loved that part.

  2. Hi! Savannah. I really liked the picture of the hedgehog well done! and the other reason is because you really put in lots of words to make the readers interested plus you've added lots of details good job.

  3. Hi Savannah,
    You have really interesting facts there that I never heard of.
    You really did some research.

    From Muatau