Monday, July 04, 2011

Wetlands Inquiry: Birds

The Year 2's have been learning all about birds and their adaptations recently.  They know what kinds of beaks birds need to catch their food, and the types of feet that are needed for different habitats.  Today Miss Rennie asked them to design their own bird and describe the habitat that their bird would live in.  Take a look at the clip and look at their amazing creations!


  1. Hi There Year 2's
    It is great to see all the different birds that you have designed. I can see that you have included some interesting adaptations. I enjoyed reading about the Kifalcon. Well done


  2. Wow I like your birds you designed it's really cool and I think that Dashas' one was really funny and I get it now and you mean that it has a beak like a kiwi and it has a fan.I like you designs really much and what I think you did well was that when you wrote the facts about it.
    From Roquia at Stonefields School.

  3. wow making birds sounds very cool year two kids. I especially liked Falduck it's a very interesting name I am sure you made that name up!
    From Kush at Stonefields School

  4. i like your inventions bird you it look cool.I like the kiduck look cool.

  5. Wow year 2s that was a great movie you all made. those are some interesting names like the Faniwi and the Duckon.Did you all make the names up our did you find it on the net.

    from Anthia stonefiels school.