Thursday, July 28, 2011

Breakthrough: Robot Instructions

Noeramiah, Josiah and Natasha were given a problem at the start of the term.  Mrs Jackson had a robot that had no instructions and she didn't know how to use it!  They accepted the challenge of finding out how to operate it and putting together a book of instructions for Mrs Jackson.  Here are the finished instructions, put together in iPhoto.  What do you think?  Could you operate the robot using these instructions?


  1. Hi Mia and group.
    How did you make it?
    Did you do some Discovering?
    It is a great instruction text.
    You could make a different kind of text in your writing.

  2. You have done a very done good job because have helped a teacher. You have also shown what the robot can do. Well done!

  3. Hi! Natasha's group I really liked the book that you made. you really showed all about... How to use it,what it could do,and why you made the book even what button you need to press to make it do something good job.

  4. Good robots Stonefields. They look like they are really strong, They look like they could be used in a war all right soilders time to play some war. I wish I was there to make them have fun.
    From James

  5. HEY stonefield School I liked your instructions for how to work mrs jacksons robot!!!and yes I could fix a robot by using your instructions!:)KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!! from GWYNETH