Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bat Ball

During his breakthrough time, Francis has been learning all about how to create a game.  First, he researched different games and the parts that were needed to make them work.  Then he made lists of all the parts he might like to include in his game.  This was called making meaning.  Finally, he synthesised his information and created a new game called BAT BALL to apply his understanding.  See if you can play this game with your friends and leave Francis some feedback!

By Francis

3 cones
tennis ball
20 people (2 even teams)
cricket bat

Hall, grass or hard surface

Three cones in a large triangle

The batter stands with the bat at one cone.
The bowler stands with the ball at another cone.
Bowler throws the ball underarm to the batter.
The batter hits the ball and run to the third cone and back again. This is called a ‘gallop.’
The fielders have to try to catch the ball before it hits the ground, or throw it back to the bowler before the batter reaches the 1st cone again.
The more times a batter runs to the 1st and 3rd cones and back without the ball going back to the bowler, the more runs they get.
The batter stops running when the bowler gets the ball.
The game continues until all the players in the batting team have run.
Both teams switch positions.
The team with the highest gallop score wins.

1 comment:

  1. What great game you have made Francis. You made and extra game for the entire school to play! I also like the name bat-ball because
    both of them have a B. When are we playing it?